Arariel-Angel of Antistupidity, also known as "The Guy with the MJ Siggy", and "You Bastard! My Damned EYES!!!", is /ts/'s resident angel. He's the one who's so insane, you can catch it by just viewing one of his posts. Everyone on /ts/ trembles upon seeing his post in a thread (though this may have something to do with his MJ siggy). He is the author of a wintastic Supernatural!Twilight fanfic. Which he's been a little bitchboy about and hasn't updated in awhile. Over the span of a week, he raeped "chagrin" worse bettar than SMeyer ever could, even in the nao-defunct Midnight Sun which raeped teh word nine times. Mmm Cookies threatened to put him in a twelve-step rehab program if he couldn't kick his habit. The recovery is a long, monotonous effort, which Mmm Cookies, being a bitch, has often tried to derail. According to Arariel, he is currently on therapy, but this is highly doubted, as what kind of therapist would cure him of chagrin-raep, but not of the kind of insanity he displays every single damned day on /ts/? He faps to fanboys for likes Bon Jovi.

Day i got cookie

Arariel's reaction to the feast.


Loli's reaction. She then threatened use of voodoo.

Feeding frenzy Edit

On Saturday, May 23, 2009, he ate Mmm Cookies. It was a very sad moment as everyone watched in horror at his feeding frenzy. She was helpless, and no one was brave enough to try and save her. Many tried to woo him into regurgitating her by presenting pictures of puppies to him. Sadly, it didn't work. Some say the ghost of Cookies floats around /ts/, possessing anyone in its path. If it isn't doing that, then it's causing Arariel to have indigestion.

After much wooing and epic battling, he finally gave in when her ghost flashed and dazzled him. He eyed her, licking his lips, and said, "I'm hungry for a cookie."

Now, he stalks her everywhere she goes.

Wiki Edit

Arariel did not create this Wiki page. Trufax. Though he did do some major editing.