Arzim was a (former) administrator of the TS forums back in the old 1.0 days. She is highly regarded by the members to be a goddess due to her witty and epicly-winsome rebuttals, for which she is most well known, even among newfags who didn't even know what TS was in the "arzim era". not to mention that she's batman.

The Never-Nooblet Edit

Even as a Nooblet, arzim was not a Nooblet. She quickly gained status with the members... (of course, that being said, when she joined TS, nearly everybody was a Nooblet.) Eventually, due to her unmatched awesomeness, arzim became a shiny, dazzling administrator of the TS forums, and continued to gain respect from everybody... even the twitards and trolls, regardless of what they say. We all know that they want to secks arzim up.

Rebuttals Edit

What most people think of when they hear the name "arzim" is "rebuttals". Arzim is known far and wide for her beautiful and epic rants rebuttals in support of the anti-twilight cause. Her rebuttals are, statistically, the source quoted most often by the TS population.

There are eleven rebuttals of epic win in counting.

Death Edit

One woeful day, the 29 of Feburary 2009 to be exact, arzim announced that she would be stepping down as an administrator, and (more or less) leaving the TS forums. Six pages of farewells and woeful mourning followed...

Reason Edit

Arzim had decided that it was time to move on from Twilight, and she didn't believe that we should have an administrator who wasn't as active as she could be. She assured the members that, no matter where life may lead her, she was glad to have met us.

But it's been great -- and did I ever tell you guys that this was the very first forum I ever stuck with for more than, like, 20 posts? Needless to say, it was the first forum I ever staffed for, too."


After the Fact... Edit

Zax did manage to make arzim promise that she'd visit us once in a while, and she's held true to that... the ghost of arzim is rare to come across, but when you do encounter this wonderful being, feel honored.

Links Edit

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