Forum Sig for Avocados by XxSisterGrimmXx

fucking amazing forum sig

Avocados is a Mini-Mod, who joined TSdC shortly after rereading the books and realising that they suck. She stalked lurked the boards for a while before joining just before The Big Crash so she was a little confused there for a bit.

Her goal is to become so well known on that other members actually know enough about her to edit this page.

Her username is something of a legend on TSdC. Except not really. But you have to admit the smilie face just makes it.

She started the Vocaloid Club, is a member of the Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist (She really needs to post there more) and Hetalia clubs.

Troll her page now.

Sister Grimm Thinks that Avocados is the Secks Edit

Avocados is so fucking amazing. Anybody who doesn't think so is a fucktard. If you don't fucking troll her page right now I'm going to fucking keep overusing the word fuck until your fucking ears fall off from bleeding so much.