Not to be confused with the same named character of The Lord of the rings no really, stop it, its annoying >_> The reference is actually Cave Story, for those that are interested.

Balrog likes Heavy Metal, classic rock, and some videogame musics.

He never had fangirl encounters... yet

As any other member of Twilight Sucks! he worships Mars and her swedish banhammer.

He is also a proud nerd and Grammar Nazi

Now he is part of the Mmm fad known as Mmm dinner [Balrog]. He left, only saying: "Yer lack of lolz disturb me"

Lolibody crushed on him because he's awesome she's an easy slut.

Balrog offically changed his name to Bälrög becuase everything is metalier with umlauts

He also says dood a lot (not "dude" nor "d00d", just plain "dood") becuase he is a prinny

Balrog Bälrög claims to have the wish or destroying some parts of Japan -while riding a steampunk-style mecha, powered by drinking tea-, specially Akihabara and Shibuya, to watch weeaboos rage

His official bersek buttons are: J-pop, Final Fantasy and Harry Potter. Claim to be fan of those, and he will murder, either in: a) you in July 28th b)like the spy in Meet the spy or d)according to him "I will eat yer face" thumb|300px|right|Balrog just couldn't resist putting this in his page (awesome song too, but its more for making ya lose)


This is what balrog wants to do to Mmm Cookies

Loves Edit

  • Being evil
  • Working in Photoshop
  • Gaming
  • Watching fanboys/girls going RAGE for insignificant things
  • Using faux brittish accent
  • Acting brittish
  • Snarky humor
  • Cock jokes

Hates Edit

  • Twilight (hurr durr)
  • Popular music
  • Emos
  • /b/
  • /b/tards
  • 4chan in general
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica-style writing
  • Weeaboos
  • Fanboys/girls
  • All spammers from this board
  • The song Jizz in my pants'

Catchphrases and stuff Edit

  • Huzzah!
  • gentlemen
  • ~derp (shameless ripoff of Suisieki)
  • oh god what is this i don't even
  • ok you two, if ya don't stop spamming i will eat yer face >[
  • >[

Balrog's mind Edit

thumb|300px|right|Balrog's mind while normal

thumb|300px|right|Balrog's mind while insane

thumb|300px|right|Balrog's insane mind ON CRACK