Blacksun388 was present at the end of the first forum and into the transition to the second. An active user for most of the second forum, he fell out of contact for a short while when real life happened but soon joined back. Originally a forum gamer he has recently shifted to role-playing and a tries to be a sort of councilor in the vent thread when he can or at least contribute to the srs bsns threads. His participation in The Great Crash made him branch off with a small group of friends for fear that the end of TS was near and helped found the FGAM forum (seperate from TS itself) in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Soon after though, he found out that it wasn't the end and abandoned the forum to return to TS.

It is also well known that he is a Zax fanboy (Shamelessly)

His participation in the Mecha-Pony WarEdit

Blacksun joined the Dragon clan at the outbreak of the Pony-Mecha war as Black Dragon Great Wrym (BSUN). The Dragons stayed neutral in the first conflict and watched from on high as the adverseries ripped into each other with battle magic and lazers ablazing. This allowed BSUN to establish his role as a Prophet of Bahamut and, as a Black Dragon is naturally, a plague bringer. His urges to slay the humans and ponies and enter the conflict was restrained when Bahamut presided over him. Thus he planned more subtle schemes. Schemes cut short when the new conflict arose. After the Ponies and Mechas grew tired of war and formed the Mecha-Pony Allience of Ass Kicking for Peace and Pepsi (TM), they waged war on the other clans and in particular the two dragonic villains of Blacksun and Deathwing. Blacksun struck pre-emptively by assaulting the Ponies castle and capturing Queen Celestia to weaken the ponies and keep them from interfering while fighting the Mechas. The ponies weakened magic allowed Blacksun to then put a half-baked plan into motion by attempting to poison the world's water but was stopped by Chibithulu's magic which, after about a week of trying, purified the water. His plan ruined, the mad prophet has currently just decided to play it old school and slay his enemies by acid and plague bringing. In doing so, his racism and lust for power made an enemy of Midnight and her clan and caused a schism in the Dragon Clan.