Carla, otherwise known as Carla the puppetmaster or Carla of the Many Charries, is a patron, and sex buddeh friend of many at the forum.

Characters of Carla Edit

Cloud Strife Edit

The most likely to preform a breakout, and Carla's first puppet. Claimed by Carla when she joined the site first, Cloud is her official badass. He is currently part of Carla's supar hot boyband trio of boys, dating Konata Izumi. May marry her, sooner or later. Konata Strife? XD

Mikuru Edit

Moe moe. Recently given to Envy (Mmm Sushi) She's kinda insane, a bit. But she's totally in love with Alex Rider! She has recently been gotten back, and her crush changed to Artemis Fowl.

Why? She's just changing it like that.

Sanji Edit

The perv. Carla's second puppet, he is the supar-awesome cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, and has a crush on Jacky after their awkward meeting. He's often Carla's only sane man.

Beast Boy Edit

One of Carla's favorite puppets. Okay, let's start this off, Carla captured Beast boy for two reasons.

1. She wanted a hero.

2. For the lovez triangle.

Beast Boy, by falling madly in love with Haruhi, got a new foe...Dark Mousy, evil incarnate gay guy the self-proclaimed Bishohen. He constantly refers to him by various annoying nicknames...

"the rat", "Mousy", "Lightheaded Dark", or sometimes "Featherhead".

It is unlikely Beast Boy will give up on Haruhi soon, and will try to win her complete heart.

Boy next door vrs. Bratty rich kid Stuck up idiot The hot selfish one. Who will win? Who knows?

All I know is that their rivalry will not end soon.

BB is pretty much Carla's favorite puppet. One does not know if this will change.

America/Alfred F. Jones Edit

Gained in a Hetalia binge, Al is her first puppet gotten specifically for yaoi. And to fit into a trend. He's completely awesome and Carla somewhat idols him, giving him a bit more freedom than the other puppets, for which most of the puppets glare at Carla for.


Tamama Edit

Cute shotaro boy frog. He was claimed as Carla's toadie, and Carla loves him so much, that he hates her. He's adorable in light!Tamama mode, but when he becomes dark!Tamama, watch out. He has a shoop-doop-a-whoop-lazer from his mouth.

The Warners Edit

You should know.

Hunny Edit

Another cute shotaro boy, albit being part demon. Carla gave Mandy him.

Marcie Edit

A pokemon trainer with a Roy fangirlism. (Marcie= Pokemon Platnum Girl)

Grover Underwood Edit

You love to spoil our fun, don'cha, goat boy?

Cho Chang Edit

You nerd, you...

Cirno Edit

The 9-ball.

Marisa Kirisame Edit

The girl who needs no rules.

Azula Edit

Insane--ly good fighter.

Mariluxa Edit

Nails are the best weapon.

Aang Edit

The avatar. Really a fictional god, Aang is another cute shotaro boy, and one of the Carla trio. He's dating Luna Lovegood, due to them both being...well...airheads. He's pretty smart, actually, and is adorable always.

And Conan Edit

The Zoidburg of the group. He's supar-smart, and can outsmart anyone. Also, Carla gets lulz from ignoring him.

Is it...true power? Edit


Arguably, Carla's best character is herself, spouting such famous lines as "Rape is still not okay when it's female on male." She is claiming to be Noah, having the power of water, and controlling animals.

She's completely random, leading to a cross between good humor and dangerous idiocity.