Twilight Sucks ArticlesEdit

  • Bella Swan - A dissection of the Mary Sue character herself.
  • Edward Cullen - Similarly, a very informational explanation about said character.
  • Twilight - A short summation of the first book and various factions of the fan/hatedom.
  • Twilight Sucks! - Further explanation that really ought to be the homepage.
  • Types of Antis - An account detailing the many types of Antis one might stumble across teh interwebz.

Twilight Sucks MemoriesEdit

  • The Big Crash - An instance where lack of forums lead to the first ever mass foray into the chat.

Roleplaying RelatedEdit

Miscellaneous MattersEdit

  • Mopsy The Goldfish - A truly tragic tale of grief and pain as well as a fable for any who identify themselves as Anti to take note of.
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