DCB joined Twilight Sucks! back when it first opened in June 2008. Before that, he was a regular at the Twilight critique thread on along with other users, including DewDew, Zax, Shiku, and probably a few more people that he is forgetting. Back when TS! was born, he submitted the Twilight and New Moon parodies he had written. He also submitted some of the rants he had written.

On TS!, he is best known for having a hilarious Edward Cullen-face Tinkerbell as a signature, The Persistence of Memory as an avatar, and creating some of the popular threads in the Chit-Chat forum. These threads include the following: Compliment Another Member, SECRETS, Got Pictures?, Random Facts About Yourself, and Ask the TS! Member. You just won A Game.

He is now a global moderator, frequenting the Chit-Chat boards; however, he does occasionally visit the Writer's Circle to post a huge-ass collective of poems and Serious Business boards.

Edits Edit

Oftentimes, he gets bored and edits random people's pages. By random people, he means people he relatively knows. Everything edited is completely factual. COMPLETELY! =D