The real fall of the Jedi Edit

Darth Krayt (born A'Sharad Hett) was a famous Tusken Jedi and avid reader of vampire fiction whose discovery of Twilight led to his fall to the Dark Side of the Force. After becoming a Jedi Knight A'Sharad Hett was able to further his love for vampire fiction and great literature in general and used his Jedi status to promote it across the galaxy, becoming one of the most well known and respected Jedi scholars in the orders history.

Hett OutlanderTPB1

A'Sharad Hett shows Padawans his favourite novel

When Twilights influence spread to the Star Wars galaxy, the Jedi order tried in vain to stop it but failed and many among the order were converted, including Anakin Skywalker whose wife, Padme, had become a Twimom and the real cause for the fall of the Jedi order and the Republic. With her influence Anakin took over the Jedi council and transformed them from the Jedi to the order of the Twi-Knights who later overthrew the Galactic Republic and formed the Cullen Empire. A'Sharad and Master Yoda led a rebellion against Anakin, now Emperor Cullen but Yoda was slain in lightsaber combat with Cullen and A'Sharad Hett was forced to flee as everything he'd stood for and beleived in fell apart under the corrupting influence of Cullenism

Royal guard1

A Twi-Knight, formerly Jedi Knight Mace Windu

Cullen Empire

The insignia of the Cullen Empire

Becoming Darth Krayt Edit

Desperate to escape the brain-rotting effects of the accursed series A'Sharad went into hiding on the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban where he met the spirit of Xoxann, an ancient Sith who'd championed the distribution of good literature before her death at the hands of the Jedi. Becoming her servant and renouncing the Jedi Order, A'Sharad Hett became her sutdent and transformed himself into Darth Krayt, Lord of the Sith and sworn Anti for life. Realising there was no hope for his own galaxy he fled in a starship to the Milky Way and amde his way to Earth where he joined the Black Pawn movement and, determined to see Earth does not fall to Cullenism and Twilight the way his home galaxy did

One Sith Edit

Realising he would need followers if he were ever going to stop Twilight and its fanatical twitard army Darth Krayt began recruiting force sensitives to do his bidding, forming the One Sith, a new breed of Anti-Sith with one goal, the end of Twilight. Darth Krayt spends his spare time reading Dracula, reminsicing, doing things for the lulz and plotting the demise the demise of Twilight and the destruction of every twitard everywhere

250px-New sith order

The One Sith, Black Pawns combat wing