They're not three seperate trolls... all the same person. More lulz for the price of one, eh? This troll was especially irritating, as I'm sure anybody who had spoken to any version of the troll would immeadiately figure out.


Registered May 1, 2009. Really pathetic, came roleplaying a fucking bear. fail intro thread.

Eventually, they were banned by Zax in a vent thread, but we hadn't seen the last of it...


Registered May 12, 2009. This was... so... yeah, you know what? I'm just going to show you the thread. Incredible. This person must have gone to university and majored in fail trolling or something. I have never seen anything like this, and I don't think I ever will.

After being eaten away at by pandorasbox and Sister Grimm, she was finally banned by Dewdew... who also banned the third incarnation of Lahoya/Drugs, known as JustinDelfino.


Registered May 12, 2009. Same incident as Lahoya, way too obvious. Really, really stupid. I suggest you go look at the thread again. Made numerous ludicrous statements, one of which was that "his" little "doctor friends" (yes, they actually said "doctor friends") dared him to go on the forums. Really, now. And they got their statistics way off. I mean, it's like the troll wasn't even trying to hide their fail. "Only 8% of girls start their cycle at age 12." Actually, dear, the average time for a woman to start her cycle is at 12.5 years of age.


What, you can't blame me! It's hard to cool down after spending over two hours trying to reason with a fail troll. Still get a weird mixture of lulz and anger when I read that thread...