Seline the puppetmaster Edit

Seline, a.k.a Onee-chan I love your hair! for a short while, is another puppetmaster on the TS! forums. Her achievements include beating unbeatable pong, winning all races in Mario kart, and entering a brawl tournament.


Once upon a time... Edit

there was a girl named Seline. She joined TS! because she liked what they had to offer on the site. With her, she brought her nice personality, and two sidekicks, William Elric/Envy, and Mikuru Ashina. Later on, she gained Hunny & Sealand, as well as Keroro. She also reffered Carla to the site. These are the puppet's stories, though...

Envy Edit

Envy is the most developed of the puppets, having been around the longest. Originally, Envy was stuck-up, thinking there would be a few fangirls to welcome him. There were not. He opened up a ask thread, Ask Envy! and his life was changed forever when [[Misa Amane]] came to ask some questions. The two fell in love and eventually got married. They adopted two children, Chowder & Lock, and are currently expecting one more. He has been promoted to primary used character, having Seline's new account name be 'Envy (Mmm Sushi)'. Sushi is his favorite food.

Mikuru Edit

Out of all her puppets, Mikuru is the least used. All we know, is she's a innocent fanservice girl, and a time traveler. She's friends with Haruhi, Yuki, and all of her family. (The other puppets of Seline)

Hunny Edit

Hunny is the most odd. During a anime RPing blast, Hunny was gained with the Ouran blast. He was demoted to a clasic Woobie (if you don't get it, look at TV Tropes) when he was found to have half demon heritage. He now knows that he will end the world one day and is fine with it. He also continually has a crush on Haruhi (the OTHER Haruhi, not the caught-in-love-triangle one).

Sealand Edit

Gained in the recent Hetalia blast, Sealand is a innocent little country who wishes to become a big country one day. He's best friends with his brother, Hunny, and trusts him completely as they are both very different, and very strong.

Keroro Edit

Gained from a frantic burst of happiness, Keroro is one of her newest puppets. He is also rarely used, as only for randomness purposes.

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