WTF is she?! Edit

Femstwilight is what we would call 'a progressing Troll that most people would want to kill'. From just a bit annoying, to annoying, to LULZY ANNOYING, in that order as well. She tried to fight with Zax after a banning of someone who really deserved it, and all Hell LULZ broke loose.

What everybody wanted to do fems after a while.

Needless to say, a lot of people had fun. And a lot of people wanted to smack a ho. BIG TIME.

Femstwilight Edit

At first, she seemed alright here, just a selective reading moron that everyone could tolerate from time to time. But then she became an annoying butthurt retard after greattwilightfan2 got banned over a signature limit.

She fucking exploded thanks to that banning, going all ape-shit against Zax a post later after he announced it in the old forums. Srsly.

With a non-epic fight that went one for about the good majority of fifteen pages, consisted mostly of stupidity and hypocrisy, femstwilight suddenly went POOF after that. No one knew where she went, nor did anyone care. The only time anyone mentions her is when they wish for some LULZY trolls.


Fems' reaction to the banning of greattwilightfan2. Not pictured: LULZ.

Freak out

Fems usual reaction to someone 'DEBUNKING [HER] VALID STATEMENTS!!111!!!'

The hell? Why so serious? Edit

To be honest, no one really knows why she flipped out THAT badly. Unless she was friends with this person, or it was a fake account of hers. But, after that, no one knows the clear reason why she flipped the fuck out over the news. Whether this will be solved, it'll never be known.

Even one of the members noted how odd it was, seeing that they just seemed to 'selectively read', and that was it for the troll's quirks. But after the ban, she selectively reads AND is an annoying person to boot.

Where is she now? Edit

No one knows, or care. But, sometimes, when the people in the chatroom are bored, they'll wish for her to come back. But after that, kill her with fire. LOTS OF IT.
Intelligence, not there

With posts like these, maybe we should be happy that she's gone...LULZ or not.

The End