OK, Guys, troll this page

An unfunny troll who tried to incite war with his evil bastardry, but the lulz got rid of him

from the forums. He would often make fake encounters to try to fan the flames of his personal

little war, but he got a Falcon Punch rather than loyalty. Since nobody in here wants to

be a part of a Personal Fucking Army.

Subsequent Response and Insanity

I am Richard staged a response to the "attack" on him in the Fangirl Encounter section,

claiming our lulz were dead and only stone cold, evil seriousness could save us. We would

disagree. Burn that bastard at the stake for suggesting such a thing.

After this, just when we thought we had heard enough out of him, he resurfaced, although no longer

referring to himself as Richard. Continuing his "army" thing, he formed a group styled after a group of

demons in some obscure fantasy novel. Richard is the leader, calling himself Qeteb, and has

called himself a menace to the Twilight fans, to US, and to the lulz generating engine itself:

Encyclopedia Dramatica. He now calls himself Devil to Cullenism, proving he went just about

insane. OK, everyone, ready...set...find that fucker in real life and show him the lulz shall never die.

Lulz over demon of destruction any day.