Life on /TS/ Edit

Complete bawfag. Got banned for calling the mods gay in the chat, after being told that no one gave a shit that she was banned from the Mmm's proboards, even though she actually hadn't been. She's only really known for trying to drum up drama over the TS v. ATM shit, which cried about constantly, and tried to kiss ass in their chatbox. She's been repeatedly banned for making accounts after banning (this is called "ban-evasion") and tried to go back to RPing on the boards, despite the fact that no one wanted her around. Added nothing to the site in general. Always talked about how much she loved ED, despite the fact that she is the cancer that is killing ED. Seriously, check out her DeviantArt. It speaks for itself.

(Fo' realz?)

["DeviantArt" page. ]