A perverted, odd member of /ts/ with Torres who is a female transexual with extreme Aspergers. KC11 is a fantasy writer who enjoyz lulz and occasional trolling in her spare time. She sometimes uses crappy five minute doodles of her own design in order to get her point across. She will often roleplay alternate personalities Demetirs and Jesten, two beings from her Creatures past.

It's not a dragon. It's a fucking draconian, bitch.

KC11 is also a rare combination of three cults: Mmm_ Cult, _body Movement and the little-known Forty-Sevener cult. The fact that she spelled "forty" as "fourty" shows that she doesn't care about grammar because she's cool like that. Apparently, she doesn't realize that bad spelling and bad grammar are two different t-DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS

Fantard of Edit

  • Watchmen
  • Harry Potter
  • Hellsing (though she's only seen the TV show, which doesn't count.)
  • Harry Potter
  • Moar Harry Potter
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  • The Creatures Game
  • I Of The Dragon
  • Numb3rs
  • Oh, and Harry Potter

Before /ts/ Edit

KC11 used to be an lolcow on various Creatures related forums, including Gameware and TOCAF. She was well known for RPing Mary-Sue dragon shapeshifters and complaining about the meanness of the moar lulz-worthy members. She had her first experience with trolling on the little known Kingdom of Aithalis forums, where she became the official butt monkey troll-in-training. After having the fail beaten out of her, she was directed to /ts/ via a KOA member, where she FUCKING EXPLODED.

/ts/ Crushes Edit

On the popular, /ts/ Crushes thread, KC11 admitted her crush on Rorschach, SherlockHolmes and Mmm Cookies. She has also discovered Cookies' love for Hairy Balls via deductive reasoning.