Kor Phaeron is an actual likeable person on the internet, which is a bit of a feat with our Trolls and Weeabos. He can be found in the /ts/ Chatroom the most, having fun with others, having random LULZ, (Lul is Dutch for dick) and screencapping/being screencapped every five seconds. He's a nice guy, from what most people say, who's a video game addict and is in need of having buttsecks love with Call of Duty and other games that involve Russia or anything that will allow him to kill things.

Simple suggestion.

One of his friends once joked that if he wanted to experience real war, then he should move to Russia. The next day, he sent his friends this picture.


Kor's friends greeted him Happy Birthday. Isn't it adorable?

What's this 'Kor' like? Edit

Kor is a basically nice guy on the internet, and also not some dude wanting to have secks with you manipulative bastard willing to you bitch talk about your problems, and will often give actual useful advice that will actually help you out in your problem. That, or he'll offer to beat the Internet crap out of the person.

Most memorable account is when this person came to him one day, told him about this and that, and he offered to beat the bloody shit out the offender's life. Though admittedly flattered, the person declined and was just glad Kor would go to such lengths for them. Instead, he just gave some good advice and possibly got a fangirl. OHSHI-?


What n00bs say when they meet the man himself.

Kor is also willing to make friends with the retarded, like BabyBlue777, and also with the cool, like Neil15. Meaning that he's like a jock, but an actual nice one that won't beat the living crap out of you for five dollars.

With qualities like these, and on the bloody Internet itself, it's a surprise he has no fangirls that are jizzing to his every move. He might happier that way, remember the Nobody and Mmm Cookies mess? Oh yeah... let's hope this doesn't bite him in the ass now.

Most FUNNY Screencapped person EVAR!!111!! Edit

This thread, the, proves to you that your lack of grammar and English will soon one day bite you in the ass. By...I don't know, screencapping it and showing the world how BADLY you managed to fuck up English?

Porn is fun

Thanks to Kor, his statement is now regarded as "Trufax" by the World Association for Trufax Statements.

Luckily for us, and sadly for Kor, Kor has never really figured this out and just continued making much LULZ for us to screen cap. The first post ITSELF was about Kor himself. Poor bastard. More LULZ for us at least. True.

Though he's technically NOT the most screen capped member, he's the FUNNIEST screen capped member in the whole thread.  Since Salanti and Sere seem to have no idea what 'funny' is at times. That, or the LULZ is gone when they post too fucking much quotes in their posts. Quantity > Quality. Its not his fault that they catch more seemingly funny quotes. Its okay Kor they still love you....maybe.


Kor catching BabySweet MAKING A TYPO.

If there was a bright side, it was that Kor was the funniest person (which is a matter of opinion. Didn't Twilight teach you anything Kor?), and also had his moments of catching people writing the shittiest darndest things. The hell? Who the hell do you think he is, Bill Cosby? Can you just let me write this damn article? I was on a roll until YOU STARTED BITCHING. Fine, fine.

Not joking

Him being the first post in Chat Quotes is trufax. 4srs.

The Creator of the Avid Gamers Club Edit

Shatting of bricks

Kor gets the occasional boner out of this series.

As the title says, unless you can't read large bold words for some reason, Kor is the creator of the Avid Gamers Club, where nerdy stalkers typical game lovers can come over and fap to Lara Crofts' b00bs EWW discuss games/games news/new releases of games or anything like that. Though the latest thread of it contains mostly 'I'm a member1!!!11!!' and etc. Let's hope something interesting happens.

He is the equivalent of a Twitard scary fanboy when it comes to the Call of Duty games, and often talks about it a lot in the chatroom whenever he gets the chance, read: All the time.

Kor will also have no problem showing you gory death screen caps of said Call of Duty games, or rape faces of the enemy soldiers like they are vacation photos in the chatroom. And he also uses a decapitated head of a man, whose face is contorted in terrible anger/horror/pain, in thegame as his avatar now, just for giggles. You may have
Different ideas

Kor's POV.

seen it as the picture in the info box.
My postcard

Kor sent his friends this card when he was on vacation.

Mention that you are a fan/gamer of the Call of Duty franchise, and he will jump you give you surprise buttsecks try to make you a Bella to his Edward umm...there's no real idea how he'll react to you saying that. Want to see what will happen?

He also created the Gamer Reviews thread, but the thread is slightly of moot point since most of the reviews of the games are over 4/5 at best. But, on the other hand, the games ARE FUN.