Characters (in the order they joined)Edit

Kitty Edit

Real Name: Katherine Sitko

Age: 16

Power: Teen Genius.

Specialty: Fencing (self-trained); anything involving mental ability.

Reason for rebelling: Lost her entire class to Twilight.

Kitty is the new 'leader' of the rebellion, after a large vote proclaiming so. TFS, after death, gave Kitty a certain paper that has both the curse and the antidote to the craze. Refuses to say that she is leader, and, as she tells Johanna after a question, she says that it wasn't entirely official. Owns a jetpack that she uses to get up to the helicopter.

Twilight Fangirl Slayer (TFS) Edit

Real Name: Maryzol Garcia

Age: 22

Power: Super-strength, and layers of fat for defense.

Specialty: Blowing up Twitard's heads with her logic.

Reason for rebelling:

Note: TFS was the original leader of the rebellion, but was gravely injured in the line of duty. She passed the reason and recipe to what brainwashed the readers of Twilight, as well as a picture of a younger her, to Kitty in her final moment. Was given a generous funeral.

Esme Swan Lanes Edit

Calls herself: Luna L. Potter

Age: 12

Power: Telekinesis

Specialty: Karate

Reason for rebelling: Parents were taken for reading Harry Potter.

Nicky Edit

Real Name: Nicky

Age: 17

Power: Unknown as of now

Specialty: Hugging; getting money from where it seems nowhere.

Reason for rebelling: She has issues with sparkling, and how her ex wanted her to become like Bella.

Johanna Edit

Real Name: Johanna

Age: 17

Power: Super-strength

Specialty: Cooking and finding things

Reason for rebelling: She was beat constantly by her husband (17 years old and she already has a husband?)... who was also her cousin. After bearing him a son and daughter, she rebelled against him, and killed him. She joined the forces when escaping the law.

It should also be noted that she is not entirely 'alone' in this, for sometime soon after she escaped from Twicops and found the group at the catacombs, she began to have a little voice, her 'smarter half.' Her limbs keep getting blown off one way or another.

Karen Edit

Real Name: Karen

Age: 19

Power: Stealth and speed, as well as knowledge of first aid

Specialty: Infiltration specialist and medic

Reason for rebelling: They've succeeded in creating the werewolf gene. It has been implanted into its first group of test subjects volunteers, and she's among the first of the imprintees.

Karen helped everybody, and has repeatedly saved some from near death- AKA Rorschach. However, she was not there when TFS died. Deathwing gave her an ornate dagger for bravery.

Weird Edit

Real Name: Unknown

Age: 17

Power: N/A However she has a good level of stamina & agility,she also know martial arts. She uses a ninja sword but carries a gun with extra rounds just in case.

Specialty: Free running, she can get to places no one else can.

Reason for rebelling: The need to have freedom.

It is revealed that Weird travelled all the way from London, hoping to fnd New York in better shape.

Ryan Hughes Edit

Real Name: Ryan Hughes

Age: 13

Power: The ability to burn stuff with his mind.

Specialty: Starting Twilight book burns.

Reason for rebelling: Fangirls killing people.

Rorschach Edit

Real Name: Walter Kovacs

Age: 45

Power: Ultra Accuracy and the ability to fashion anything around him into a weapon.

Specialty: Fire

Reason for rebelling: SMeyer's Army Killed his only friend.

One of the big stars of Twipocalypse.Bravest member, and is soon asked to become an Angel of Death by Deathwing, which he graiously accepts. Is prone to blind fits of rage and pretended to be Edward Cullen to distract a villain once.

Fisher Edit

Real Name: Jasper Edward Cullen

Age: 16

Power: Nature Control

Specialty: Summoning Animals

Reason for rebelling: He wants to not be ruled by a book. And he misses new and different names.

David Rice Edit

Real Name: David Rice

Original Name: Edward Jacob Meyer

Age: 21

Power: Teleportation

Specialty: Infiltration, ambush, escape

Reason for rebelling: His mother was SMeyer, he likes GOOD books, twi-tards killed his girlfriends when he refused to abuse her.

Frank The Man-Dragon Edit

Real Name: Frank Rudello

Age: 18

Power: Hightened senses and higher strenght and agility

Specialty: Dragon-Gene, CQC espertise

Reason for rebelling: The most affected member as he was tested on the Twitard science tower. During a malfunction, his genes we're twisted with dragon DNA. He now swear revenge against the twitards for turning him into a monster.

Andrew Edit

Real name: Andrew Brown


Power: Technokinetic (he can control computers and other digital hardware with his mind, but he has to electrically recharge every so often)

Specialty: Math and playing the drums (unfortunate due to the fact that he can only play songs Meyer approves)

Reason for rebelling: They killed his mother and he was a subject in experiments to make people sparkle. Luckily, they hadn't succeeded by the time he escaped.

Andrew was found by Johanna while on his laptop, and she led him to the group to have him join. Sometime after they moved locations, he warned the group of a bomb at the mall and was trapped under the wreckage, but saved.

Kor Edit

Real name: Kor Phaeron

Age: Unknown

Power: Superhuman abilities like regeneration and psychic powers.

Specialty: Close combat, ranged combat

Reason for rebelling: The Angels of Death, the secret organization of which many like Kor were part of, was overthrown and destroyed from within by traitor forces loyal to Meyer. Kor has been in hiding with the rebellion ever since.

Kor found the rest of his pre-takeover squad in hiding, Mikal, Aris, DuVal and Logrim. Logrim was killed by the Doctor and DuVal was shot and gravely wounded by Kor for refusing to kill a cultist. Still, he repented and gave his life to buy time for his squad's escape.