Who is Madaraki? Edit

Joining in late February, Madaraki became TS' resident serial rapist weirdo, quickly becoming established as a "River of pure piranha" which in any event, sounds awesome.

Little is known of Madaraki who once claimed to be capable of a perfect impression of Gollum's voice. The only photograph yet posted features the user with a lampshade over their head.

Madaraki claims to have not worn pants.

Secks Lief Edit

Madaraki has admitted to having e-crushes on both Oni and cyborgvampire which will undoubtedly culminate in one hell of a three-way. Mmm Cookies has admitted to having an e-crush on Madaraki, mostly because of a certain epic letter to Stephenie Meyer, which made Cookies jizz in her underoos.

The Mmm Cult Edit

Madaraki joined the infamous Mmm Cult after a particularly wild night involving strawberries, whips, and ears.

The Higglzm Edit

Madaraki has been self-condition to think/write higglzm whenever anyone says/types "You just lost the higglzm!"

Consequently, Madaraki has not yet lost the higglzm.

Areas of Lurking Edit

Madaraki seems to spend a good deal of time in the chit-chat and games area, rarely venturing to other forums except to whore out that damn letter. Primary threads of visitation include "WATCHMEN" and "Claymore" would totally post more in the FMA thread if patience for typing up gargantuan conversation posts were present.

The Letter Edit

Written originally in September-October, a silly little letter that appeared to be addressed to Stephanie Meyer from the Association of Vampiric Activities Worldwide hit 4chan and spread from there. It seems Madaraki was completely unaware of just how far it had spread until stumbling across The Anti-Twilight Movement website, and from there; TS itself.


Found on livejournal, DA, half a dozen twilight/anti-twilight forums at least, and any number of other miscellaneous sites.