Michelle147 was a Troll.

A very annoying Troll at that.

You're FAIL if

If BabyBlue laughs at you, you're a bigger loser than her.

Her 'contributions'. Edit

This is the following:



'I'm not a Troll'



Srsly. She actually said this crap. She posted up fake encounters many times. Though, at normal times, it was supposed to make us laugh, made most of us want to go slap her silly.

Another time she posted a thread, about how she baited Twitards and directed it towards Antis. No one found it funny, at all. She got butthurt, no one cared either. That was, until...she finally pissed enough people off. And got a throw off the forums, thanks to her stupdity.
Evi1's reeactionz

Just about everyone's reactions when Michelle came to the forums.



Retardation at it's finest


After she posted the fail thread to end all fail threads, and we had a lot of those in the life of, and people quickly claimed bullshit against it faster than you can say 'sparkly vampires'.

Why? Becuase she claimed she and her friend were bashing Twilight, and a random Twilighter came in and stabbed her friend over a hundreds of times. Not knowing what 'loyalty' meant, she ran away. And when she came back, the head, and the Twitard, was gone.

Not that you'll see THAT story any more. She decieded to change it in hopes of getting away without a scratch from the really pissed off members of the forums.

Then she posted a thread after that, and then in her post, posted a now erased Yahoo Question in...Yahoo Question, claiming in it that people in are believing made-up lies. Even when it was pointed out that no one did. And it was then revealed that she ratted out on a fellow member on a TwiMoms site.

She then startted to piss off more people off with her stupidity in the debunked thread, and people were having enough of her. Sadistic glee or not, she needed a scolding. After more failed reasoning with this idiot, Mmm Lolibody said 'enough is enough!' and threw her out of the forums after Michelle was 'raping the LULZ' too many times for little Loli's comfort. Zax then banned her.


Loli did what everyone else dreamed of doing.