Misa(Also known as Bunny, and She Who Games Too Much) Is a chick who came to /ts/ looking to have some fun(Ew, nut in dat wai u sickos! Lol My Immortal...) She found the first book of Twilight: "Tollerable" but she still can't get over the fact that they mother fucking SPARKLE! Anyway, she's got a fetish in love with Misa Amane, who happens to be her all time favorite Death Note character. You may see her roleplaying her many times.

When she's not wh0ring lurking around the Roleplay section on /ts/. She's hanging out in the forums.(She also roleplays as Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Midget Alchemist who falls in love two times and drinks like a hobo)

She believes the world is going to end by a zombie outbreak...and she can't wait! Zomibes are teh awesome.

Her favorite bands include: Jack Off Jill and The Birthday Massacre. Her idol and celebirty crush is Emilie Autumn. You just lost The Game. (<--- Apparently I lost the game)

Roleplay Characters Edit

Misa Amane: -Starting out, she roleplayed as Misa, her favorite character in Death Note. She had a passion for making tea and cake - a lot. Before going out with her first boyfriend on TS, Yusuke Ur-Iforgothowtofuckingspellhisname-, She decided to make Bizzaro Bella as her daughter since she's better than the real Bella Swan(the whiny one from the books and SMeyer's self-insert) Soon, as everyone heard, they wanted to be adopted by Misa. Misa- being a bit of a pushover who can't say no- took them all in. Yusuke didn't like this, and he barely hang out with her. So she dumped him. Months later, she met a alien named Borg, who called her names like: "Cunt" and "Slut". Misa wanted to be fused with this alien so she can contain it's powers. When she did, she ended up having a deadly case of split personality with this said alien. Thanks to idiot(A fellow /ts/ member) she took care of the problem so that Misa can have Borg's powers without Borg around anymore.

Many months later, She met Envy. They ended up being married and adopting Chowder, Lock, and Rachel as their children. She recently had one biological child, Hope.

Edward Cullen Elric: Misa/Bunny got bored of Misa-Misa. So she decided to make a another account! Edward Elric started out as a angry little boy who came to /ts/ in order to kill Edward Cullen for fucking up his name. But as he trolled lurked around the threads, he met Jacky, a woman who he had fallen for. Of course, it was nothing but a crush at first, but the two ended up growing a Best Friend sort of relationship. Edward asked her out but got turned down.

Later in the RPz, he met Mello. Being bored and having nothing to do, he decided to have a bit of fun with him, and make him beg for his gun back. Which Mello ended up doing. It was very lulzy, till Mello tried to shoot him. But later, the two were tricked into getting married at Vegas, it was baffling af first...but they ended up getting used to it. Mello became preggers, but Edward being the playa he is, still wouldn't give up Jacky. Which led to some marital problems.

He's bonded well with his adopted son, Alex(Who was the same age as him, lol, dysfunctional family) wanting him to follow in his footsteps and learn alchemy.

In all the trouble, Mello shot Edward - twice. Once he survived it. The second, he didn't. ...Oh yeah, and he just got revived. Yay! Bad news is he got bitten by Edward motherfucking Cullen and he is now a Sparklepire. He plans to get rid of the sparkles and become a actual vampire by doing actual vampire things. LAWL!

Bunny(The RPer): She is the puppetier that controls Edward and Misa. No, she doesn't make them do bad things(Much) She rarely speaks and lets her Roleplayering characters do whatever they want. She's like a really bad mother. She gets high off pot brownies and loves cornnuts. Also, she's obsessed with the color purple(She changed her surname to Purpleton for eff's sakes!)

Itachi Uchiha(he's new): He's new...I already said that. Uhhh. Anyway, since Snickerdoodle wanted a Itachi for her Sasuke. Since the old Itachi typist is was up to Bunny to rescue him and take him in her little thread/house/place. Now he lives in a treehouse cause till Bunny builds him a new room for him.