... a/k/a wyvertail, a/k/a theoutspokenbitch.

A b&, formerly lulzy but currently bitchy and butthurt troll. She made up bullshit encounters that involved her non-existant husband getting killed. Stupid troll was stupid.


She came to prominence in a thread where she says she is sick of proving encounters(original post is deleted), claiming that she's new and allowed to post lies on a board dedicated to true documentation. Her general faggotry was then responded with "that's no excuse for not reading the rules." She then threatened to hurl "INSAULTS" at people near the bottom of the first page, saying it thusly: "AND I HAVE A WHOLE BUNCH OF INSAULTS FOR THE PPL WHO JUST SAID STUFF ON THIS!! EXCLUDING ME!!!"

Note that the thread is 23 pages long.