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The Faceless leader Cookies Reaction To The Cult

Mmm (X) is a fad started by Mmm Cookies (a slut sweet girl that everybody secks loves). X means a thing, generally a food, but some users have crossed it with the (X)body fad. These faggots are now in a cult and they don't belive in pants or clothes for the matter. You just lost The Game. whoever wrote that last sentence SHALL DIE.

Trivia Edit

They love to spam post important and relevant information.

Their motto is: YOU CAN'T RAEP THE WILLING!!one!

Their Flavor-Aid is Strawberry-Fresia flavor.

Blonde Guardian hates them IS THEIR NUMBER ONE FAN LOLZ

The Cult In Action!

The Cult Edit

  • Mmm Chocolate: /b/tard. She likes chocolate and secks loves Mello from DN.
  • Mmm Doughnuts[Vash]: Lolibody took his e-virginity. He likes the secks too much. Luffs Cookies.
  • Mmm Lolibody: It's a demon spawn crazy hybrid a_body/Mmm. She has the pedobear seal of approval. Fan of BDSM and a pyromaniac.
  • Lemmi (Mmm Chocolate Cupcakes): Shota. Likes BDSM. He, Loli and Cookies have a three way pedo-relationship.
  • Mmm Libido: Has teh secks for Lolibody and Cookies. Cannot find her striped shirt. Author of the Ban-whorty Quizzilla fic.
  • Panic (Mmm Oreos): Token loli. Is Chocolate and Cookies' demon!spawn.