Mmm Chaos (Jacky Faber), also known as Kalina, is a completely manic teenager who loves turning Rorschach into a girl. Lulz are provided. Mostly, she's a roleplayer, but lately, she's been spamming lurking the Chit Chat board. Update: Kalina will smite anyone who makes her lose the game D< She's also a Pokefangirl, and squealed in joy at the news of HeartGold and Soul Silver. Currently, she has an obsession with Soul's hat. She's planning to manifest her self-insert to look like Soul. Since Kalina now roleplays Soul, having her self-insert look like the trainer would cause mass confusion. Kalina is currently looking for a new manifestation. Or, really, two - one for Kale, one for Kalina. Since Kale and Kalina have merged back together for the time being, only a single manifestation is required.

Kalina has an ongoing Jacky Faber theme in her avatars and signature banners, due to her self-induced need to have one of her favorite book series more well known. She always always has her list of RP characters and something about her place in the Mmm Army

She is going by 'jackyfaber' on the new board, because she was an idiot and didn't get the memo from a friend in time. She feels she's made it pretty cleear that she's the same person, even if she's now mourning the loss of the 'Mmm Chaos' in her username. Scratch that (literally)! The awesomeness that is Mars enabled the ability to change the username and, while Kalina had to cut down for space, she's now perfectly happy as JackyFaber{MmmChaos}!

Roleplaying Edit

Before Kalina's discovery of the roleplaying thread, Kalina was a mere lurker. She hung around the 'games' board and occaisonally commented on fangirl attacks. She is constantly deciding who she should play next, if she's even decent at playing them, etc.

Jacky Faber Edit

Kalina's first character. Real name is Mary Faber. In the story, she's an 1800s street rat who leaves her gang to pretend to be a boy and join a ship. Weirdness ensues. Jacky learns how to run a ship, play four or so instruments, ride horses, and hook any guy she likes over the cours eof the books. She's been everything from a dancer to a serving girl to a lieutenant. Are we sure this girl isn't a Sue?

Yea. We are.

Since Kalina dragged her onto the RP boards, she's hooked Edward Elric, thus made an enemy of Mello, had her hand torn off and replaced with automail, hooked Sanji, was groped twice, and has pestered quite a few other characters. She's still looking for Jaimy.

Oh, and let's not forget that she was brainwashed by Marik, disappeared from the boards for a while, only to return when killing off a certain YGO character. Jacky has no recollection of this, and breaks down when Stormy pesters her about it.

Alex Rider Edit

The MI6 agent himself. Alex started off being pestered by Bandit Keith, but went on to be the latest Elric/Mello adoption. Mello shot his shoulder, and ChaoticNeutral replaced his entire arm - Alex was not pleased. After Mello shot Edward, Alex, who'd gotten used to his latest father figure, went after Mello and shot him in retaliation. His house was then turned pink. Alex is currently dating Hinata Hyuuga.

Oh, and let's not forget his stalker Ayame Sohma, who is constantly after Alex in an attempt to get the British boy to become his apprentice. Donations to the 'SAVE ALEX' fund are directed to Artemis Fowl II. UPDATE: due to a deal between Kalina and Stormy, Ayame is no longer allowed to stalk Alex. However, Stormy is now allowed to hug Alex whenever she likes. Donations to the 'Save Alex, v. 2' fund are still directed to Artemis Fowl II.

After Kalina kidnapped acquired Switzerland, Alex, using the 'Save Alex' fund, managed to buy his own gun off Vash.

Alex is now rapidly crushed on by Mikuru Asahina, her feeling as though they would make the awesomest cosplaying couple evur. Maybe has a love triangle involving Shizuru, as well.

Roy Mustang Edit

The Flame Alchemist. He was also the first in Stormy's vein of nomming Kalina's dark-haired characters. Roy is perhaps the least-used, and is perfectly fine with that. He has IMPORTANT ALCHEMUST STUFF to do. Currently a vampire, getting ready to change back unconscious, thanks to stuff weird blood-and-bone-ash concoction that Stormy made. Apparently, when he wakes up, he'll be human again. Can I get a 'W00T'? (Stormy: W00T!) conscious again. He woke up with a wicked headache and is recuperating before delving back into the world of roleplaying (really, he just does NOT want to come back under any circumstances). Little known to him, Stormy is plotting revenge on him for making a set of stairs that only went halfway up to his office. It just may involve The Cookie...

Dark Mousy (featuring Daisuke Niwa) Edit

Purple-haired late-teenager with wings - SWEET. Boyfriend of Haruhi Suzumiya, archnemesis of Krad and Beast Boy. Seems to find pleasure in annoying Stormy by POINTING dramatically in ALL CAPS at her whenever he gets the chance. Dark is constantly pestered by the voice in his head known as 'Daisuke'. Dark does not like turning into Daisuke. With help from Haruhi, Yuki, and Alex, Dark and Daisuke have split and are now two seperate entities. Dark seems to have retained the ability to not age - SWEETx2.

Kyoya Ootori Edit

Rich as hell. The stand-in leader of the Host Club. Apparently very protective - rounded up the Host Club members present against Stormy when she tried to eat Hunny. Later, when Stormy went after Haruhi, Kyoya stood by cooly until things went wrong, at which point he pulled her off and lugged a fist in her gut. Kyoya now spends his days as a not-too-happy vampire.

Artemis Fowl II Edit

Supergenius teenage boy with one fairy eye. Hates Kalina with a passion for an incident involving a screen projecting a not-too-Artemis-like image behind him. According to Stormy, his blood tastes go~od. Apparently, he's plotting an escape. Mikuru Asahina has a crush on him, but it is unknown if this is returned.

Iroh Edit

Old man with a tea shop. Adopted Stormy. Gets very angry at mention of his age, it seems.

Annabeth Chase Edit

Demigoddess; daughter of Athena; mad fighting skillz. Groped within first few pages of her ask thread. Gets very excited when architecture comes up in convos. She has a somewhat sisterly relaitonship with Max, since they had to share and account.

Skills include knife combat, flying biplanes and helicopters, general daughter-of-Athena stuff, and some rather ninja-like stunts, courtesy of Camp Half-Blood

Maximum Ride Edit

Has frickin' wings. This bird girl, the latest addition to Kalina's crew, isn't sure what to make of her just yet.

The character Gambit has also tried many a time to win Max's heart, only to be mauled by either: Max, Rorschach, and, most recently, Wolverine. Max is unamused - the dude's ten years older than her. She's fourteen (she thinks). Pedobear approves!

Feliks Łukasiewicz Edit

Kalina's latest catch is her beloved Poland itself - er, himself. After becoming a Hetalia fan, she somehow acquired Feliks on the new board. He's apparently getting along very well with Jacky - maybe because they both crossdress?

Soul Edit

Also known as 'the girl who replaced Kris in the new Pokemon games'. Kalina put Soul in charge of all of her Pokemon. Kalina's version of the trainer - because, well, no one else bothered to give them personalities - is naive, a bit of a ditz, but somewhat crazy when she's pissed. She apprently has an obsession with vanilla.

Elizabeta Héderváry Edit

Kalina's second Hetalia capture, also known as Hungary, tied for second favorite of the series with Vash. Yaoi fangirl. Usually pretty tough, though.

Vash Zwingli Edit

Hetalia catch number three, Switzerland. The slightly-irritable gun-toting hermit. Pure awesome in Alex's eyes because he's the reason the MI6 agent finally got his gun.

Kalina also roleplays a few Hetalia original characters - Emma Norling, the short, irritable personification of Delaware; Alma Robledo, the girly but surprisingly politics and military-oritented Georgia; and Toby Casales, the tall, quiet, and half-blind Texas.

God Squared Edit

Chaos's claim to fame just may be her self-insert - or, rather, self inserts. Yes, two of them, Kale and Kalina. They are the two halves of her soul, separated to keep the other in check. Kalina is supposed to be the 'sane' side, but no one's seen much of that. They're proven to have god powers, so Kalina oft shortens their name to 'God squared'. Kale is really a girl, but fell victim to one of Stormy's cookies and never changed back (well, he did, but changed into a boy again, because it's 'easier to keep track of them that way). Their main weapons are cookies, but they also use trained lightning bolts, and are looking for other food-based weapons. They seem to be part of Ivan's 'one with Russia' plan, having large amounts of land promised, including the land of their Hetalia characters (including POLAND, of course), the UK, her home state, and Charleston, South Carolina. They have a mental map of other areas they'd like to own, as well.

A list of their skillz include mild hypnotism, being super-sneaky sans god powers (Kale managed to hug Gilbert Beilschmidt for an hour and a half before he noticed), inducing lulz, gender-bendering and causing general chaos.

Don't insult Poland in front of them. Kalina will spaz at you. Ask Prussia.

The two have, for the moment, returned to a single body. We wonder how long that'll last...