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Mmm Doughnuts[Vash] totally crushes on Mmm Cookies. Hawt secks often ensues, as lurkerz of the Cult's orgy!spam threads have seen. His e-virginity(That he keeps re-buying off ebay cause Stormy keeps finding it there) was taken a ton of tiemz from Mmm Cookies and Lolibody. He's willing to offer it to anyone if they want it. His man-bitch is Mmm Yaoi and sometimes he's the man-bitch. He also has a undenying crush on India de Beaufort Who he wishes to fap off to one day.

He roleplays as Vash the Stampede from the anime series Trigun. Makes him obsessed with doughnuts since it's canon.

Vash/Doughnuts was brought on to this wonderful site thanks to his friend, Misa Amane, who he knew in real life but sadly moved away the town they lived in together. They still keep in touch and since they both hate Twilight together, they joined /TS/.

It's just in! His idol is Dane Cook he wishes to fap off to him too. LOL HAI! You just lost The Game.

In the Roleplaying Universe... Edit

While roleplaying, Doughnuts plays four people. EDIT: Doughnuts/Justin has just told me that he left or is in some hiatus with roleplaying D:

You makes me sad...Oh well. ~Bunny.


Ho shit, he's shirtless *jizzes pants*

Vash the Stampede: Also known as his main account - Vash started out as a guy who was pretty oblivious to most things(Like the fangirls who had fallen for him in his little while there lolwut?) He was determined to teach SMeyer about Love and Peace(that was after he got over his Meyerphobia) but it backfired, having him, Sasuke, and Stormy go into the future and stop SMeyer from taking over the world and turning everyone into sparkling pussy vampires. Right now, he's currently Stormy's boyfriend. When they first met, he was to teach her how to use his gun and be a great gunsmaster. She was also detemined to find him a girlfriend(Even if she didn't want to admit she had feelings for him) Turns out Vash felt the same way, and now they are together.

Vash met Matthias, a guy that enjoys killing and reminds him so much of his brother, Knives. He doesn't like that. Although, when ever Matthias is around, Vash can't help but want to cause a little bit of trouble for his own lulz. So he has a "gift" for him, that he is still planning to give him, to this day....

James Sunderland: The dude is finally here, at /ts/. Like finally. He took off shirt for Snickerdoodles, cause she wanted abs, and she got them, and now he's somewhere, still confused, talking to a ceiling.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: Justin got fucking tried of there being no other Rpers who Rped Trigun characters so he put up Wolfwood, and yeah. Hope you are happy you bastards. He just came(lol sexual innunedo) to /ts/ and is getting settled in...

Justin: It's him, and his self insert! Coolio. Justin mostly spends his time bugging Light-o Yagami(Imagay Thgil)cause he's bored and has nothing better to do. He also has something called "Aweshum Jesus Powers" that he can only use when he's high on crack life. He likes to mess with people...cause he's a IRL troll, even if this is roleplaying...