Mmm Pie (Mungo) Edit

Until May 14, 2009 Mmm Pie (Mungo) was obviously just Mungo. Then he invited himself into joined the Mmm (x) Cult. If anyone poisons the Strawberry Fresia Kool-Aid, it'll be him. His favorite dessert is pie, because the pie is not a lie. You just lost The Game.

Most of the time he can be found in the chit-chat section. His favorite thread is SECRETS as he posts there almost daily, admitting more than once that he finds it better than actual therapy. He claims to have some SUPER Secret, but has never gone into detail about what it is. Though it's impossible, since he's revealed almost every secret he has, Mmm Pie (Mungo) deludes himself into imagining that others view him as mysterious. (Even though the truth is that he isn't compelling enough to catch anyone's interest.)

Since joining in March, 2009 Mmm Pie (Mungo) has posted almost daily, thusly gaining a position on the 6th page of top posters. His avatar has changed three times so far, displaying whatever he's fanboying over. First it was 28 Days Later, then Mass Effect. After that he suddenly decided he didn't want to represent a fandom, switching his avatar to a pen and paper and claiming that writing is life. However, he fails at supporting this statement, having never posted any of his horrible writing.