Libido recently returned from a three-week absence, which, as they say, made Mmm Cookies' heart grow fonder. Upon her return, she was immediately enticed into joining the Mmm_ cult. Everybody luffs her and the graet secks she gives. Can't find striped shirt. Suspects Loli of theft. You just lost The Game.


This section is only here for the purpose of epic song references. Srsly. Move along pl0x.

Libido has a close relationship with blood. Her very own blood is the color of Strawberry!Freesia. Some argue that she, in fact, bleeds Flavor Aid. trufax.

Blood has also, on occasion, succeeded in making Libido incredibly hot. She jizzed when she saw Creepy Chan's 'Fake Blood" video on YouTube. No, really.

Secks Edit

Much like her fellow cult dwellers, libido enjoys daily orgies with her fellow Mmms and has secksed mostly everybody in the strip twister chamber because she's a dirty whore. When Cookies and Loli are otherwise detained, she will take over the task of whipping Lemmi during any sexual activity.

libido has also secksed Panic, Vash and Arariel. It had afterwards come to her attention that they were all under the age of 18. Thankfully, she was quick to post the Pedobear and Shotacat seals of approval, so she's totally not a pedophile that others know of.

Foar mere pennies a day, you can feed a starving child in a third world country receive a handjob from libido.


Liek any other Strawberry!Freesia-blooded American girl who shouldn't be drinking, Libido loves teh booze. It dazzles her almost as much as her fellow Mmms do. A good buzz is all Libby needs to have a happee after a big sad. She jizzes at the sight of Smirnoff Green Apple Bite.

Rehab, pl0x.

Bannable Offense Fic Edit

Recently, libido uncovered her Quizilla account from when she was 14. After deciding that she no longer wanted her account, she undertook the task of writing a fanfiction so dirty, so disgusting, so utterly lulz-inducing that the Quizilla mods would have to inflict the banhammer upon her.

What does this fic feature? A Mmm Cult orgy, of course. libido's masterpiece is in progress and will probably be immortalized here on her wiki after it's finished, since the designated lulz-killers at Quizilla will probably delete it before people have a chance to read it.


The following day... Edit

Libby was quite flustered chagrined with the lack of banhammer or any negative feedback whatsoever with her Bannable Offense fic. Therefore she decided to push a little harder, and she created a dazzling quiz, full of hard hitting questions, deep, well thought out results and photos of The Power 5.

A couple days after the quiz was posted, it and the bannable offense fic were tragically bahleeted. But yet, no banhammer. It was a sad day for all. The chagrin continued.


On June 20th, 2009, Libby's hard work finally paid off.

Spammers, lurkers and Libido herself creamed their jeans when she logged onto Quizilla to find, not an inbox spammed full of "I LOL'D HARD" messages, but this dazzling, shining beacon of hope smiling back at her.


-insert angelic chorus hurr-

Parties Edit

Mmm Libido is known for having wild, crazy parties. Her most memorable one happened exactly like this:

Libido: Salutations, friends. How are you doing this fine afternoon?

Cookies: We are doing lovely, Madam Mopsberry Milka Libido.

Arariel: Yes, we are doing quite lovely. In fact, I brought bottled water for everyone.

Libido: Oh my goodness! Bottled water? How daring you are, Arariel!

Cookies: I brought crackers from my local supermarket. This party can become wild and riveting now.

Cookies was nowhere to be seen after the party ended.

Libido's Signature Edit

Alongside Arariel, Mmm libido has perhaps the most distinct and curiously odd dazzling signature on the site.

I'm in ur sig, dazzling the masses.