Mopsy The Goldfish was the pet goldfish owned by Izabella (TS member Envious Doll's neighbor). However on one Sunday (possibly March 15, 2009) Izabella came running to Envious Doll's house and started pounding on the door. Envious Doll hurriedly opened the door and hugged Iza. Iza started wailing that her goldfish was dead. Iza dragged Envious Doll towards her house, inside there were books thrown and glass broken. Iza's mother was at work and his older brother was babysitting and he was screaming at his girlfriend for being a stuck up bitch. And on the kitchen floor poor Mopsy was found dead. Apparently Iza's older brother's girlfriend threw Mopsy's goldfish bowl and stomped on it. The reason was Iza read and didn't liked Twilight. She told his brother and his girlfriend that it sucked donkey butt and Stephenie Meyer wasn't a very good writer. Envious Doll lost her temper and punched the twitard in the face. You just lost The Game.