Moxie Crimefighter is one of those people that everyone (with exceptions of certain people) loves but has no idea why. Joined on Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 11:28 am on a slow day during summer break. She is a member of the Bull Squad Mini Mods. Recruited in October, 2009, she is probably the youngest member and the one who did the least work in cleaning up the FE section. She apologizes. Her interests include Harry Potter, art, Iron Man, Coldplay, Dr. Horrible, Sweeney Todd, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Sparrow, Robert Downey Jr., Lost, and some other stuff you don't care about. She hates the new Alice in Wonderland movie, physical activity, shitty music like Paramore, people who reject compliments, and bad grammar. Jack Sparrow, Sherlock Holmes, and Tony Stark are her heroes.

Life IRLEdit



Moxie was born somewhere between hell and the Ohio River, only probably closer to the damn river because the weather is never nice.