Featured: Ninetails' favorite pokemon.

Ninetails is the username of a Phoenix, Arizona local who only introduces herself to the great, wide Interwebz as Ninetails, CassaStarfire, Galadrieal, among either pseudonyms.. On top of being a writer, Ninetails is a hardcore gamer, a college student, and full time daydreamer. She often spends her free time compulsively playing her Nintendo DS or her Nintendo Wii. But, when her Internet is feeling particularly evil (Which is to say about five hours every day), she then wastes time writing her novel, playing the Sims 2 or the Ace Attorney series, or rocking out to her iPod.

Ninetails is most noticeably recognized for her avatar depicting Bellatrix Lestrange and her signature, comprising of fan-made avatars from"A Very Potter Musical". Despite what her username suggests, her favorite Pokemon of all time is Mew. Give her anything depicting Mew, and she will love you until the day she dies.

Her claim to Anti-Twilight fame is her two essays on DeviantArt, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Twazis" and "Twilight: The Bane of Literature". As a summer project, she is currently working on a "Let's (Oh God, No) Read" of "Twilight".