The Unmasked thread started on Apr 26, 2009 and ended after a great amount of lulz on May 3 of teh same year.

Watch Out Edward Cullen There's A New Sparkly Queerbait On Teh Interwebz

It was created by some attention!whore named Nick something whatever who teh fuck cares this faggot was just too good to post his pictures in the 'Got Pictures?' thread and needed an entire thread for himself. You just lost The Game.

36.2% of teh users didn't imagine him so dazzling.

4.6% are a bunch of fucking liars and "Imagined him exaclty as how he looked on his emo pictures".

28.8% jizzed their undies and faped.

3.2% thought he was fugly and needed to die.

5.1% lolololol'd and said "Fg0t".

2.3% didn't know who the hell Nobody was.

4.1% rather do RPattz.

15.3% didn't want to know.

The Machiavellian (former!Somobody) and nao Kam was the first that faped at Nowbody's pix and said he (N) was hawt.

Mmm Yaoi, that time a normal and straight user, tunerd out to be ghey for N Holy Gary Stu Powers Batman!.

Somebody's Drunk, Everybody's Hyper, It's All For The Greater Good! Edit

Exactly what says on the tin. A bunch of fuckers with no life talked for hours about booze, random shit and moar booze. Chris Hansen lurked. Hilarity and dazzle Ensues.

Teh Fangirls Edit

Great, now I feel like a Mary Sue. At least someone other than me voted fugly - Nobody's opinion about fangirls.

I can has fangirls? Wow... Now I feel special - Nobody feeling speshul.

Embrace your inner fangirl! IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO TRULY BE HAPPY! - lulzgrl talking about herself.

*scaredface* - Nobody starting to understand fangirls.

Hey! I'm harmless *Hides machete* - Lolibody proving she's a calm and rational fangirl.

Better Than Jerry Springer! Edit


Teh Beginning

I woke up this morning in someone else's pants. Apparently they were Nobody's. But I've even heard rumors that I'm cheating on Somebody. So must not add fuel to the fire - Mmm Cookies starting the Armageddon.

After that ZOMG sooperspeshul declaration, it was reveled that Mmm Cookies, who had teh secks for Somebody at that moment was playing with the sausage also in a sexual relationship lolwut? with Nobody, Somebody's evil? good? gay? twin. Being the usual bitch she is (No need to use a slash here d00dz) she decided she lacked a loli in the harem and so imprinted fell in wuv with Lolibody the creep that watched her sleep and faped to S/N pr0n.

And then all hell broke lose. Pigs learned to fly, Satan did ballet, RICK ASTLEY MADE A COMEBACK!. And Nobody proposed to Cookies.

I loves ya, Cookies! How about we take a train to California an' start a new life on the west coast? You 'n' me!. We're so
perfect together, I got two hun'red bucks, we can stay with my cousin until we get a place ourselves- we can go right now! - Nobody snatching the snizz
dreaming about his new life with Cookies.

However, since Cookies was a selfish whore was team Switzerland, the answer was not what the lurkers (and Nobody himself) expected, and the shock made all the users on /ts/ jizz their pantz with chagrin.

The tension was there, everyone wanted to seckz Cookies, the lurkers nomned popcorn like crazy, the fangirls were in RAEG and the plan "Move to Utah, give teh polygamy a shot and avoid Chris Hansen until then" was set.
Utah map

Teh Plan

Pshaw, ran away. An' now I'm back. And we're moving to Utah to marry the same girl, each other and some loli. Bet ya didn't figure that'd happen in law school - Nobody's opinion on teh plan to Somebody.

And honestly, this thread has been epic, even if I do say so myself - Nobody jizzing his panthz.

It's Death Edit

On May 3, 2009 the debauched and depraved Unmasked thread died.

It's lulz are going to stay forever on our memory.

RIP to teh awesomeness.

RIP to teh Unmasked thread.