Panlah is one of the most rabid Yugioh lovers on the forum(second only to Puzzlechick), known to stalk the fictional character Bakura in the same manner a Twitard stalks Rpattz. She has made no comment on this other than to continue to lurk on Photobucket to find more pictures. Panlah joined the forum back in 2008, the month she started her senior year of high school. She has admitted to have been a former twifan, but joined the forum after someone pointed out that Edward was abusive and Bella was a moron (WHY DIDN'T SHE FIGURE IT OUT SOONER?!?) Ironically, the person that pointed this out is actually still a twitard. Panlah has since then made (in)valuable contributions to the forum, and if not for her unquenchable need to be the center of attention, the forum probably wouldn't know who she was.

Panlah has racked up over 3600 posts on the forum, earning her the #6 spot on the top posters list. She frequents the clubs, the chit chat forum, and the vent forum, where she recently made a thread throwing a fit about the treatment of the Trix Rabbit. You just lost The Game.

RoelplayerS?! Edit

Panlah roleplays several chararacters on sporadic intervals. Most of them are canon, but she does have a few OC accounts.

Ryou and Yami Bakura: For some reason, Ryou is actually one of the couple of YGO characters that isn't into Twilight. He ended up joining Twilightsucks on the invite from Joey. Sometimes, while Ryou is posting, Yami Bakura will come out, frustrated at the fact that he can't kill anyone because the computer screen is in the way. For some reason, they haven't been active.

Yami and Yugi: Yugi actually loves Twilight, while Yami doesn't. Yugi joined the forum to yell at people in his own feeble way, but got his assed kicked by Ayame, who kept trying to put him in cute dresses. The two survived the war with Marik, mostly due to the fact that Panlah is a little bitch like Meyer and can't bear to kill her characters. The two of them are currently in hiding, but most likely Puzzlechick has taken them hostage for her sick Puzzleshipping fantasies. (Puzzle here. And it's true. I have. *cackles*)

Miri: Miri stuck around for a few hundred posts, shapeshifting to and from wolf form and being nude in front of random people. She was actually kinda fun to rp with. She's very short, only around 4'5" or so. This makes for huge laughs when she's next to Vash,

Laena: She got about 13 posts in before being left unactive.

Ai: Her account was created for the lulz. She and Joey wanted to see how she reacted to Koe. But since Pan is a lame-ass roleplayer, the lulz were very mild.