Pinkemon is a member of TS who joined when it was still an entire site, and when it still had the "Fan encounter" part of the forum. She initially joined because of the rabid fans in the Twilight fandom, and at TS she learned all about the horrifying content in the book itself.

However, it didn't take long for Pinkemon to care less about Twilight. Instead, she has started to love Twilightsucks for its awesome users, since it's pretty much the only site she visits that isn't flooded with idiots and trolls.

At the Pony/Mecha/etc war, she was on the side of the Mechas, piloting Pringer X. Sadly, she didn't really do all that much.

The person IRL (Or, stuff no one cares about.)Edit

Pinkemon is a 17 (At the time of editing this page) year old female from The Netherlands.

She isn't a very social person (In fact, she's also pretty damn selfish) and generally prefers to sit alone and mind her own business at school. However, she does like interacting with people online.

Pinkemon is planning to work in the videogame industry once she finishes school, though she's not entirely sure if she wants to get in the programming side of game designing, or the graphic design part.

Fandoms (Read: Obsessions)Edit

Most people on TS probably know Pinkemon best for her obsession with Pokemon and Disgaea. Of course, this is very noticeable since she flaunts her Fallen angel Flonne avatar (Pictured above, if I knew how this stuff worked. >_> Fixed. ^^) and Disgaea related signature all the time, and since she spends most of her time at the Pokemon club. She also likes other games made by Nippon ichi, a lot of Nintendo franchises, Final Fantasy, the Tales of Series, and Okami.

She also has a fascination for lots of things Japanese (Inner weaboo, much?) and has recently gotten into anime, with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann being one of her favorites.

She also likes to write stories of her fandoms once in a while, though she currently is just writing pokemon Creepypastas and putting them on her Deviantart account.


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