PuzzleChick is /TS/'s resident rabid Yugioh and Puzzleshipping fan. She can, and will, relate any topic back to them and will buy anything with the word Yugioh stamped on it. Her single goal in life is to amass the largest collection of Yugioh merchandise known to the fandom. Her level of adoration for the series and pairing rivals that of the most die-hard Twitard, except that she has a sense of humor and has never once thrown a brick at someone's head. Yet. You just lost The Game.

She enjoys writing and drawing Puzzleshipping, watching movies for free online, finding any excuse to bring up Yugioh in conversation, and slashing anything that moves. She has a black belt in random yammering, particularly in conversation with Crow the Reaper on the FMA thread.

PuzzleChick found /TS/ via a link on the NaNoWriMo forums and has been a member since September 2008. She has never actually read the series and is profoundly thankful to have never been tempted to. She can, however, argue its bad points with the best of them. She worships Mars and the Almighty Sweden Banhammer of Lulz with the same reverence as she worships Dan Green, possibly even moreso. She has also taken it upon herself to find as many ways as possible to make jokes about Yami mind crushing the Twilight characters.

She also fails at Wiki editing, and has made a mental note to improve this page in the future.