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A relatively well known member in the right circles, namely as his role under the name "Atruca" for the brief period (note: brief is slightly under-exaggerated) in which he was the self-proclaimed, and generally admired, "King of the Forum Games". Since then he has moved on to spamming the "What Are You Thinking" thread. Specifically known for: his ego, as noted in constant pairings being "Me x myself x I", his manipulative nature in which he refers to people who come close to him as "toys", his muses, and an unhealthy obsession with best friend codenamed Lyoko "Pepito".


A truly conniving prick who caused the dissolution of his own little club because his ego got so fucking huge. Had three girls crush on him, ignoring the two he originally cared about for a newcomer he initially told, "Don't even bother posting here [the forum games]." A drama magnet who caused the vacation of his own friends with the severe amount of retardation in his brain (note: his ego is fucking huge, seriously. He's the most self-centred prick ever. No wonder he can't get a girlfriend. He now fears getting a girlfriend for fear of destroying them emotionally, as a result of reflection on the relationships he formed in the FG.)

Wait, what? Furry:Edit

That's right. Fuck you. The constant hating on furry which is forever rampant on the internet astounded him, and he decided to argue in their defence in an originally civil vent/rant. Since then, whenever a thread becomes involved in discussion of furry (and it's always "those fucking freaks, what's wrong with them" negative), he tries to put an end to the discussion.

Time as an Mmm.Edit

Rarely posted in the official spam thread, choosing to stick to his home in the FG. Apparently, he promised Rocket that he wouldn't join them. The joining of a few members from the FG led to the creation of the counter-group of the "Eww"s. Drama occurred here as well with the Mmms leaving the site, he joined them.

OH-SHIT! Drama!Edit

The period of the Mmms leaving came at a difficult time, with the possibility of the FG being closed as the regulars there were probably considered spamming. In the official spam thread, he agreed to a negative comment about how a pair of members were having elaborate conversations in the WAYT thread, and how annoying it was. Wait, he's also a massive fucking hypocrite, too. He spoilered his conversations with his muses, and didn't engage in epic long RP's with another poster, tyvm. (Kid, I love how you're using third person. Shut up, Dom.) The other members called him out on his bullshit and hypocrisy, and an epic battle ensued in the ^<v thread, with him trying, in vain, to defend himself against like, 4 other people. Anyway, when this happened, he decided to join the Mmms and disconnect himself from TS itself, rarely coming on, and if so, being hidden. He's still hidden, actually.

He returned after a while, the only one of his friends still willing to talk to him the stupid SGR. Stupid in that she cared too much about him. ( :| ) They Quickster slowed their conversation, wanting to teach SGR that she needs to make the first move; that without somebody to tell him what to do (the person who wants him to do it), he won't do anything. ( :| ) At this time it was nearing his one year anniversary. Being fucking dramatic, he decided to change his name to "Dead." Causing concern ("concern" is a fucking understatement) and some "oh what the fuck are you doing now you idiot?" The name came with a counter, that which if she hadn't spoken to him he would leave. The counter didn't expire, or did it? I can't remember. Either way, he then used a "Phoenix Down!" on himself, and came back. But he was different... he now used a white font colour.


With "Atruca" dead, he was born. "Be Quick or Be Damned" soon developed into what it remains now as the base: Quickster (currently: The Mastermind, to reflect his manipulative nature.) With no record of his time as the infamous "Atruca" with the erasure of the old forums, he took the opportunity to make a new start. His relationship with SGR devolved into some hostility, and very little contact outside of being posters in the WAYT thread, though things have seemingly improved since he issued an apology. That's twice he's apologised, wow. He posts in fear of causing drama and is cautious of the new WAYT group, because of the ways it reminds him of the old FG. Any attempts at a real connection with him are dismissed.