Response to the LULZY n00bs

Ragequitters most common emotions: Failing LULZY, and butthurt SRSness.

Ragequitters of the Internet are like the relatives of the infamous LOLcows, but are less prone in using smileys in their posts and CAPSRAPING their keyboard, but they are more dramatic then all LOLcows you can gether combined. So we could possibly compare them to unattractive, bitchy cousin of the slutty cheerleader in our old high school days.
Another usual

Post this response in their thread, and EPIC LULZ will be made soon after.

The Ragequitters are best known for the Moral Faggotry levels that are OVER NINE THOUSAND when they get super-butthurt over something that is utterly evil in their minds, but in reality retarded and petty to us.

Like wanting to kill Katy Perry because she simply used 'Ur' instead of 'You're' in a song of hers. Or it could be that you have no love life because you're always BAWWWWing about and never doing shit , or even because people who are dating others three - five years older than themselves, or maybe wishing death to some 'slutty bitches' because they were using their cellphones.

They are also the bad retarded sibling of the CRY MOAR retarded.

Where are they in the /ts/ forums? Who are they? Edit

The /ts/ forums is not immune to this behavior, sadly, but it at least gives us some entertainment when there is no Trolls in the forums after a while. They can usually be found in anywhere where they are aloud to complain about whatever is bothering them, giving surprise buttsecks to the poor area within an inch of its poor STD inflicted life.

They can be usually identified for making multiple vents/bitchings about everything in the world, and doing absolutely nothing do about it at all. Also known for their lack of friends, and their large number of enemies.

The best known examples of Ragequitters is:


The one who made a bitch fit over Katy Perry. Best known for being compared to a Twitard due to her inability to make sense, or take opinions well.

Soda: More important than Lotte and Toss combine.

TvToss: Once a long time member of the site. Best known for his Moral Faggotry against people who actually try to get a love life, his constant BAAAAAAAWing of his lack of a love life/hating kids his age for having cellphones/people who have love lives/etc, and making the majority of the /ts/ members look like retards thanks to his unfunny stunt of making a fake account of an attack in the Fangirl Encounters, which has acid being splashed into someone's eye and stabbing the victim with a compass.Seriously. Also gave surprise buttsecks to the poor Vent Station nearly all the time. His BAAAAAWing thread of him leaving is now consisted of a conversation of soda.

IamRichard: a very short lived member of the site, now calling himself Qeteb, which means Destruction, in Hebrew. He believes only

in SRS Business, refuses to say lulz or butthurt, and simply says he is angry. He has a reputation on youtube for wishing people agony and misery. He has a complete league called the Anti-Lulz Patrol...oh, I mean The Timekeepers. Beware, for his butthurt-ness turned into out right insanity.