Not SGR, sadly. ):

SGR is an attention depraved whore a semi-nice member on the /ts/ forum, though no one had really noticed except when she started posting in other places besides

She isn't even really notable, if you think about it, and no one knew she existed until she asked for her page to be made by the retard, SweetBabyKisses777. The /ts/ member simply had this page made because a lot of other, more worthy users had them, and she wanted to join <strike>the fucking bandwagon in the enriching experince of it all. </strike>

LOL, Bandwagon whore.

Bandwagon: Cause it's fun like porn!

Currently still not well know, but has gained enough attention for her page to get a BIT bigger now.

Is now known for her amazing feats in trying to attempt intelligence in the Twilight Lexicon with the aid of Keyboard Samurai, and Fiery Firefly. Were known as the Green Apple Brigade before getting b&d. Scroll down to get more information on this EPIC WIN of an adventure.

Also, feel free to spam and troll this page. Please.


Aww, really?  :( I'd write some cool stuff 'bout you, except I really don't know you at all. Except the fact you're from TS. -Phantomwriter


I'm making the article for you, SGR. Apologies for taking forever. >.>;; -SweetBabyKisses777

SGR: Random facts Edit

SGR is a member of the forums, but little is known about her, since she might/or might not be relatively new to the forums. It's hard to say, since she wasn't that noticeable until now. We're not even sure if she's really a she. So be careful, drunk people who are eager to bed a desperate...thing. But we DO know the following:


I was not shitting on that quote.

  • Is 'really lame and desperate'.
  • She has three hundred and twenty-five posts and counting.
  • Most of the posts are not really LULZY. (I know. I fail at teh lulz.)
  • If they are...tell us. We can't really find them for some reason.
  • She hasn't been given any surprise buttsecks by Sister Grimm yet. Who the hell is Sister Grimm, and why the fuck is she writing herself everywhere on the pages? I have no idea, attention whore? Maybe, but never heard of her before LOL, irony.
  • This page is only being edited because she sexed asked for it.

SGR...who is she, exactly? Edit

VERY WRONG suggestion...

Not SGR. Goddamn!

We know for sure she isn't a 'Sexy Girl Ranger', sadly, nor is she a cute kitty-cat. But we do know she's a she now, hopefully so that clears up one frightening question when you want to try to bed her.

SGR's home? Unlikely, but we're not taking any chances...

SGR is a fourteen year-old girl, from some place named E-Town. Why is it called 'E-Town'? I wouldn't like to now, actually.

She has been a member for the /ts/ forums for a number of years weeks days months, to our best guessing at the moment, and has not stepped on any toes yet, nor done anything that has been proven LULZ-worthy, or funny as well.

Though there was that time she made Near lose the game, but Near deserved it becuase no one could win the game

it was fun to watch him lose. LULZ.
Most likely reaction

The most likely reaction of SGR when she sees that someone actually tried to make her page.

SGR frequents the Forum Games most, paticularly 'Ban the Poster Above' due to likely anger issues against the more popular members in the forums, with over forty-five percent of her posts going to that area. That's an average of...twenty posts a day, I believe. LULZ, she has no life.

She is also off to Saskatchewan, where the fuck that is, for a while. We know because she made a member update thread about, and a total of three views were made about it. Poor thing.

Also, SGR is, or was, part of the EPIC Green Apple Brigade! Founder of it, actually.

Hobbies of SGR Edit


Hopefully, a past time for SGR. It would be sooo bad-ass...

Hopefully, she'll tell us one day she likes to go and Troll Twilighters for the LULZ. Or blow shit up, or hold revolutions against the smexy French people, something among those lines. Until then, here's what we've found out about what she does:
The Fuck

SRSLY, where's the damn appeal on these three?

SGR really likes to advertise herself just about everywhere on the wiki now, like in the

article. LOL, hypocrite. SGR also seems to have a joy in banning people in the 'Ban the Poster Above' game for the hell of it out of jealousy LULZ we have no fucking clue, actually. SGR is also trying very, VERY hard to make friends with others in the threads, and seems to be doing well on that. Quite popular, actually.

Also likes to copy others, A LOT, since she's following the bandwagon of the 'The Internet-o-Meter', those damn pets thing you have to click on, and the lame anti-Twilight jokes that can be now found in her siggy.

She hasn't been added on any Foe list I can find, but eh, could be either way. Is there more to her after this? I have no clue, really. You might want to ask her that one.

Green Apple Brigade. Edit

The Brigade itself.

Laugh at the picture, but it was the greatest symbolism yet.

The Green Apple Brigade consisted of SGR, Keyboard Samurai, and Fiery Firefly. They all joined Twilight Lexicon, known for being 'being pretty fascist' as one had noted, in an attempt to talk and have a conversation with the Twilight Fans there. She first announced it on June 25, on this thread , and added firmly that she was not 'Trolling' at all, but she wanted to just talk to the fans.
Artistic Description

When someone says 'Twilight Lexicon',this usually comes into the head of some.

People wished her luck, the others joined in, and they ventured deep into the Twilight Lexicon.

Pel: The EVEL ONE!1!!111 Edit


Known as Mrs. Laura Byrne-Cristiano IRL. Protip: Troll!

Well...remember the phrase 'ventured deep into the Twlight Lexicon' part? When they DID venture into the Twilight Lexicon forums, all they got was a sound bite in the ass and discovered one of the worst Twitards they have ever encountered before.

The Twitard in question is, and I'm not fucking kidding, the moderator of the forums on the Twilight Lexicon, Pel. The female moderator just managed to prove herself on being the BEST example when it comes to being a bitchy

narrow-minded person on the internet. And that is saying something, actually. With our past experience and all...
Her usual reaction

Pel's reaction to the Green Apple Brigade.

Basically, she believes in the opinions of others as long as they are not the ones who dislike the series, won't let others express themselves on it in the forums and thinks the characters of Twilight are PERFUCT!1!!1!!!11! Srsly, click on the link for proof. She could have just said 'FUCK OFF TWILIGHT HATERS, DUUUUUUR!1!!!', since it would have been less time-consuming for us to read the hypocrisy of her words.

The problems started to emerge when Pel wouldn't let the others have an actual serious discussion with the fans, and actually told SGR to just 'leave' the forums when SGR made a post about how she thought Edward was abusive. This is the gist of it, as SGR says in her vent about Pel:

If you don't share my opinion, leave. We don't care that you think Edward is  abusive, nor does anyone agree with you. 

Saddest thing is, is that Pel is over FORTY years old. If it was a teenager, we would simply understand. But since this a grown WOMAN we're talking about, we have got to wonder how SMeyer can fucking sleep at night.


Needless to say, this pissed off the normally-docile SGR to OVER NINE THOUSAND to no end. And Pel didn't help matters when she apparently annoyed Firey Firefly in a thread when she simply stated she was an Anti, and nothing more. And it should be noted that Pel is over forty-years-old, making most of the Antis now going 'Sweet Mother of-" when they learned of this news.

In needs of justifiable venting, SGR made a vent thread about the evil Pel, which spawned over five pages pretty quickly. Unfortuneatly, it seems that Pel found out about the thread, and banned the entire Brigade over it. Many people were pretty pissed-off for what Pel did, seeing that she never bothered to come in to defend herself, and wanted some E-revenge. But the Brigade took it with grace, to some extent, and simply accepted the fact Pel will not grow up over this, and agreed it was worth it.

Worth it!


Hopefully, more people will step up to the plate and follow the amazing footsteps of the Green Apple Brigade.