Th stock3

Present Avi

Member of the TS V.1 was on for a long time BUT A BARTARD WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED BANNED HER FROM THE WEBSITE but something came up. Though she was not on V.2 she did not think twice to become a member on V.3.

She likes anime and manga but is also an otaku. She loves yaoi but is not a fangirl and knows what lines to cross and shit she can be able to fuck up can do. She is a writer and has made slash fics with two people checking spelling and grammar. (Otherwise known as betas.)

Shiko loves the The Pillows more than any band she has listened to, EVER! For every emotion she feels you can bet your ass she knows a song that will describe how she is feeling. Shiko learned of them through FLCL and wanted to hear more. With that she became a hardcore fan and will listen to any new song that comes out because she loves them so much.

Intends to be a writer and is often seen in the research thread asking about things that have to do with a story idea. She is a jack of all trades when it comes to writing; often having ideas that sometimes never seem the same in plot, characters, and/or setting. Also wants to improve her drawing but does not want a job based on being an artist.

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