Once upon a time, in an epic forum called Twilight Sucks...Shiku had many lulz and made many plans to rule the world. The end. Shiku Grimm's Bitch/BFF of teh week joined the first Twilight Sucks forum around the time it was born. She learned of the site when she used to raep frequent the Twilight critique thread on Gaia Online (also frequented by other members of the forums such as DCB, Zax, and Dewdew). Throughout all the forum changes, she's pretty much kept the same name because she's too lazy to change it and hasn't really capitalized the first letter in "shiku" since she's a nonconformist because she believes that keeping it exactly the way it was since she first started has some sentimental value which is a bunch of B.S. She's pretty much known for being Grimm's Bitch/BFF of teh week nothing which makes her go emo and she doesn't give a fuck about it.

/ts/ Origins: Shiku Grimm's Bitch/BFF of teh weekEdit

Shiku first found /ts/ when she was looking through a lesbian pron site the Gaia Twilight critique thread back when she used to frequent the site. Through sheer boredom and a compelling urge that was from her pants generated by curiousity and the dark side offering buttsecks cookies, she discovered the site. Joining either in June or July 2008, she quickly went to exploring and connecting with other people in the community. Her main avatar was that of L from the series Death Note with a serious look on his face with the words "This is L's Logic: "Twilight sucks." Another phrase, "L's advice: Go pick up a better book" used to accompany the avatar back in /ts/ v1.0. After laughing and laughing and chagrinning from hours spent on the forum, she slipped into a coma for two weeks at the end of December and the beginning of January. When she awoke she was thirsty and so she reached for a bottle of cola with Mentos in it, but was then distracted by more lulz orgies radiating from the forum. By early March, she became a fan of Watchmen and has been seen sporting two Watchmen banners in her signature ever since. In the time she was in away from /ts/ during late December and early January, her dad believed that /ts/ was a bad site to go on and that that was where her computer had gotten infected from. He has since been proven false. DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

Travels in the Forum Edit

Shiku has traveled many nights and days throughout the threads and boards because anything that points to her having a life is nil. She can be seen popping up in each board at least once mainly for her sustenance known as lulz. She is often been seen hanging around the Watchmen thread which was nearly 70 pages of epic win. She has lurked the original /ts/ Crush thread, which was hijacked and turned into an orgy of fantastic proportions, along with Panic and The Machiavellian. She has also lurked and stopped by the new Strip Twister Spam thread. She does spend time on the Fangirl Encounters, either wincing at the fangirls or getting lulz from their answers. She may also pop up in the main Twilight board. Being a lurker, she has honed her skills and has earned the title of Master Assassin Ninja Lurker WHORE.

While in the RP board, she engaged Rorschach (now known as Wolverine) in a series of questions on his ask thread. Later, Mina Murray joined in and with the combined minds of Rorschach, Shiku, and Mina a conspiracy was formed that involved Twilight, brainwashing, Stepehenie Meyer as a pawn, insane fans, and Ozymandias working together with Dracula's Brides. The RP, named Rorschach's Investigation, spanned many pages and included other people such as Chaotic Neutral and Alex Rider. It was an epic thread.

She now spends her time RPing as several original characters, her most prominent and oldest being a hybrid named Kiyo. As a way to get people to be confused as to what gender Kiyo was, Shiku left out certain pronouns, which confused some people as to whether Kiyo was a male or female (as they only had the avatar to look off of, and it was still ambiguous). Some lulzy answers have included Kiyo being called a hermaphrodite and a boy (Yes, she is female). This gender hiding eventually led to Stormy getting angry at Shiku for it. Since then, Shiku hasn't hid Kiyo's gender because of the forum change, but she does hint to it sometimes.

Other Random Facts/Hobbies Edit

-She draws and writes

-She also does animation

-Her "e-crush", as stated in the /ts/ Crush thread, is The Machiavellian, or Former!Somebody (even though she's kind of asexual and it's more of an admiration kind of thing).

-She made the above an answer to her riddle in the /ts/ Crush thread. Because she can.

-She sucks at editing articles and making them lulzy.

-She plays video games despite the fact her brother is sexist and thinks she can't.

-She has run out of any lulz she could come up with to say anything else.


I'm not going to say you lost the game.

...Oh shit.

^This. This is why I am trolling your page, Gawd Dammitz!!!!!! D:<

-Sister Grimm the fantastical pixel person