S.C.Nib started out as someone that actually contributed to the forums (somewhat). Mostly with srs answers to questions. If she didn't post on a board, she was too shy to. Was never funny. Ever. Nonsense! Funny enough to get 4 karma and 2 internets! Oh yeah, she tried Mafia once. After her usefulness expired, she lurked/posted in the Ask threads.

She stalked Windshade, Madaraki, Mmm Strawberries and Mmm Cookies at some point.

She will never join the Mmm cult, even though she wants in on it. Disregard that.

...Lost the game. Must remember to nom Chocolate for the over exaggerated moving text. - Snickerdoodle taking The Game seriously. What a loser.

Ohaithar. You just lost the game.

The Roleplaying Characters (Canon) Edit

Sasuke Uchiha Edit

The reason she ever tried to play Insanity-claimed "Sasu-chan" was ultimately meant for lulz. Not to mention, she got inspiration from whoever was playing Itachi at the time. "Every brother needs his brother," the RPer thought. Snickerdoodle plays him with Manga!Experience (however in the beginning he was Anime!Sasuke) and with hair that automatically grows back when cut. He's also played as a fan of FMA, thus the buddy-buddy-ness with Edward Elric. He looked through fanmail more than he wanted to. The last thing, Snickerdoodle prefers playing him if he's under the influence.

Sasuke doesn't do anything interesting, except for the time he joined up with Stormy Raine and Vash to go to the future and kill SMeyer. Future Sasuke basically was a pathetic excuse for a character while SMeyer was a Sith Lord.

Who's that Pokemon? It's Kabuto!

He got the paperwork to own emo water. It's mentioned that during Nib's/Snickerdoodle's asploded-computer break, he sold it in the desert for outrageous prices.

After the transfer to the new forums, he bought a very shiny, pretty ring and proposed to a certain Kim. He's also expecting to have children. (S.C. says six.)

Kabuto Yakushi Edit

thumb|right|300px|What the heck are those? A certain Snickerdoodle was bored. She doesn't really do as much with him since the Pokemon jokes are kind of old. Actually, she discontinued

him for a while, but soon after the transfer, she brought him back because she was bored again.

Edward Elric dubbed him "Smithers".

Daffy Duck Edit

Strangely enough, Daffy is the only canon character she takes seriously. Sometimes, to avoid getting shot, he 'unzips' into other characters from the series. He also goes into a Duck Dodgers mode when it's needed. It's never ever needed. He's got a gender-bending ray in Duck Dodger mode. Who ever benefitted from gender switches? The gender ray was first seen at an instance of Girlschach. (Which one of many, I don't recall.)

Deidara Edit

Snickerdoodle likes this character, but he is not one of her favorites. She won't torture him as much. She also doesn't play him and Sasuke at the same time.

Shion Sonozaki Edit

Hasn't done anything with her yet.

The Roleplaying Characters (Animate Objects/Furry Things/Pokemon) Edit

The Muffin Edit

The Muffin is relatively new. It was created with a magic pen. Well, actually, it was baked in an oven with a batch of twelve and given as a

Don't eat the muffin.

yummy treat. In Snickerdoodle's mind, the Muffin needed to live. She drew a mouth and outward limbs on it with aforementioned magic pen. It wasn't until later that she drew eyes on it. Do not attempt to eat the Muffin, as it will kill you from inside.

Don't eat the log either.

The Muffin wants to take over the world and will find as many allies as possible.

The Log Edit

Inspired by Abridged Sasuke. Snickerdoodle uses the masculine pronoun with the Log, but it does not gender. It mocks people.

Pokemon Played By Snickerdoodle Edit

Eevee, Charizard, and Pichu. :D

Shota Tiger Edit

LOL the mascot of straight shota. Snickerdoodle doesn't know the gender of Shota Tiger, so instead of a pronoun, she uses ST.

The Roleplaying Characters (OCs) Edit

Satcha/Sasha Price Edit

Weaksauce vampire and first (and only) female character. She could die via needle, if it was still in her body (anywhere). Actually, she's the most politically powerful and wealthy character, somewhat due to the fact that she could die via knife-in-heart syndrome even though she's supposedly immortal.

Why so emo?

In her first appearance, she tried to bite Edward to turn him.

In her second apearance, she was challenged to a game of Kickball. She won. After the game, she successfully turned Stormy Raine.

Inconsistency- She fed from one woman at Krispy Kreme, but claims that she only turns humans and feeds on animals.

After the first two appearances, Snickerdoodle gave her an actual backstory. :D

Rumellian Alix/Rumel/Ru Edit

Silver-haired elf, not to be confused with Oni Link. He creates stormclouds that may or may not have molten lava instead of rain. He's got a sister, a pre-determined backstory, and two swords that he can use well. His universe has completely different herbology than the real universe, and he flaunts his stinky red herbs as being great healing plants.

He's empathetic despite the fact that he's, in D&D terms, Lawful Evil.

He is not technically an elf, being mostly Mystic, his universe's word for shapeshifter. He's magic-oriented with an affinity for fire.

The Roleplaying Characters (Future) Edit

Snickerdoodle is always thinking about who's going to be played next. Apparently, she's trying to prove something.

The list of potential characters she may want to play in the future: (Bold is definite, Italics is maybe, Normal text is 'unless someone else takes it'.)

  1. Peter Griffin (Don't ask why.)
  2. Ru's Sister
  3. Neo
  4. She may keep the ItaSasu fangirl...
  5. Zuko
  6. A Talking Cat named Fluffy

Fantard of: Edit

  1. Death Note
  2. Naruto (Specifically the Uchihas, specifically Itachi and Madara)
  3. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (Watched it and Kai in under a week.)
  4. Portal (Hence "Deadly Neurotoxin" in the signature in New TSdC)
  5. Pokemon (The older episodes with Ash, Misty, and Brock.)

Random Crap Edit

  • Refers to as TSdC.
  • Will say "Lost and gone forever like my darling Clementine" "Holy crap on a stick" & "Meyer's Thesaurus"
  • I'm filled with random crap. :D
  • A bag o' weed, a bag o' weed! Everything is better with a bag o' weed! You don't need meth and you don't need speed cuz everything is better with a bag o' weed!
  • I don't condone smoking weed. CBS Cares. CBS Doesn't Give A Crap As Long As They Have Good Rating. :D
  • You just lost The Game.
  • Snickerdoodle needs to stop editing her own page so damn much!
  • Snickerdoodle likes long walks on the beach, Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain, Mudkipz, Pokemanz (Let me show you them), LOLcats, the NOM NOM NOM 4 FUD game, capsraep, raepfaise, secksfaise, constipationface, jizzedinmahpantzface, RPing, Pokemon, adoptables from Squiby, Spamming 'Desu' at you, Encyclopedia Dramatica, lulz, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Dragons... etc.
  • Is this the real life?
  • Is this just fantasy?
  • Caught in a landslide
  • No escape from reality
  • Open your eyes
  • Look up to the skies and S-
  • Duh Duh DUM
  • THESE POKEMON TO UNDERSTAND <--wtf this doesn't make sense
  • POKEMON! (gotta catch em all)
  • I KNOW ITS MY DESTINY (pokemon)
  • If thinking about Pokemon, it will be Eevee, the evolutions of Eevee, Rai/Pika/Pichu, Vulpix, Nine-tails, Charmander/meleon/izard, or Lucario. (I still watch mah Pokemans, even though the supporting characters suck ass and there are OVER 9000 Pokemon. I was promised ONE HUNDRED DAMNIT.)

The "Crash" Edit

Stage 1 Edit

Every ten minutes: *check*

Stage 2 Edit

Every two hours: *check*

Stage 3 Edit

"Duh. Chatroom don't work for me, remember?" Every five hours: *check*

Re-opening Proboards Edit

*check* :D "AWESOME."

Holy carp, Batman! It's almost back! Edit


It's back, but it's different! Edit

Dammit Mars!

The Adopted Edit

122 adopted, 1 created Edit

Snickerdoodle has recently become addicted to the Squiby site and wants OVER 9000 adoptables. Not to mention she can now breed her dragons and wants OVER 9000 of them, too. But, she now has a LOT of adoptables she wants to level up, including Spermie, Mmm Cookies, Mars, Sparklebutt (lol its Edward), Mmm Eggs, Strawberry-kun, and Strawberry-chan.

Pokemans Edit

She recently registered @ GPX and has Poke-eggs she wants to hatch as well as the dragon eggs. She wants to fill up all her Pokeboxes and be a nurd like that.

Chicken Smoothie Edit

While CS is not a 'clickables' site, they're still cute lil' growing things.

Shameless Self-Advertising: Her account there is ShadowThief. Check out her pretties & take away her doubles. If she doesn't think of a good name, it becomes an Mmm. Same with Squiby. Except, her Chicken Smoothie has moar Mmms. HMM. Maybe she like teh cult. :O

Any Other Adoptable Site Edit

If there's any more adoptables sites she is unaware of, she would like to be notified via PM.