Here's a basic rundown of some people in the Spam thread.

Mmm Cookies Edit

Mmm Cookies, also known as Panlah's Edward, is a person. She is often seen with N, having secks with him. Her goal in life is to frolic in the fields of rainbow happiness with everyone joined together in Mmm fasion. She is a very serious person. In fact, she beats others up with her vast use of the English language. Some say she has a dictionary for a brain. Nevertheless, she seems to go missing oftentimes. Her hobbies include:




enjoying tea and crumpets

Arariel, Angel of Anti-Stupidty Edit

Arariel is the spam thread's angel that forces everyone to keep spamming. He has threatened to beat people up if they don't. He has a creepy fetish for cookies and does not understand that Cookies is not literally a group of cookies. There was a time when he actually nommed on her. Some say that when Cookies goes missing, it's because he nommed on her again. His hobbies include:





attending masquerades

Mmm Lolibody Edit

Mmm Lolibody does not get invited to parties. In fact, she is a party. Whenever she walks into a room, people just go crazy because of all the excitement that goes on. She's so amazing, she does this:

Lolibody: *walks into a room* Ohhai, guise!


She has often tried to stop Arariel from nomming on Cookies, but she secretly wishes he would do it so that she could be with N and have Cookies out of the picture. Her hobbies include:




having riveting discussions on 20th century literature

N Edit

N, formally known as Nobody, is an extremely shy person. Despite the fact that he unmasked himself, no one knows his true identity. Some have claimed to see him slip out at night in order to have secks with Cookies. Some have claimed that the person claiming this is Lolibody and that she is simply jealous of Cookies.

There are crazy rumors that N used to have blonde hair. These rumors were perhaps started by N himself in order to stay under the radar. His hobbies include:




attending and writing thrilling operas

Mmm Libido Edit

Mmm Libido's favorite thing in the world is dazzle. Whenever she walks into a room, the first words out of her mouth are, "do i dazzul u bbeh?!?!" Her vast knowledge of the English language gives her the ability to control tacos and mountain dew. She is very popular because of her cutthroat book reviews. This is her review of Twilight:

Libido: dis buk wuz not injoyuhbal!!!!!1!!!!

This thrilling book review has led her to have the power of insta-dazzle. She often uses it to compete with Mmm Lolibody, her dazzle rival. Her hobbies include:




partaking in nailbiting croquet games