This page contains very outdated, never updated information. Stormy Raine is a roleplayer. Her first account was Mello, and it grew from there. She is, so far, the roleplayer with most characters at 26 (and counting). With 3,565 posts and counting, she's in the Top Ten Posters of TS- at number eight, just behind Lemmi. But don't go congratulating her yet; she simply got that many posts by roleplaying a bunch and hanging out in the Forum Games section. Hardly ever contributing to anything at all, her only use is being a fag to lulz at. Also, she's a complete newfag at making wikia page, so feel free to ravage this page as you see fit. Seeming to have an obsession with accents, Star Trek cups, and making Kalina's life difficult, I would suggest avoiding her at all costs. Has converted to the Mmm (x)s, as Mmm Stacey's Mom. She's now know as Mmm Your Mom, because the new TwilightSucks website does not support apostrophes in usernames. She also calls sex a 'pointy hug' so if she ever offers one, watch out. You just lost The Game. Rumor has it that Stormy will be quitting TwilightSucks soon; she has been logging in less and less because she has discovered teh realz life. She won't be missed, in fact, most will be happy to see her gone. UNTRUE. Stormy is made of pure awesome and will sorely be missed. And possibly will be hunted down and dragged back by force. YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! D< As of June, 2009, Stormy has officially retired from TwilightSucks.

Because she is a dirty Jew, Stormy does not log into TS during the weekends, making it so that she must swim through floods of updates that she missed. At the moment, she has no idea what to do because the new forum doesn't work on her computer and the old site is locked down. Now she just keeps losing the link to the new forums. She's kinda clueless that way. Now she has daily withdraws and haz no monies to donate. And now her computer only shows a 500 Iternal Server Error for the new new forums, at least half the time she refreshes. DAMN IT.. Since Kalina is the only one with her hotmail, she finds it hard to manage with the site down. No one to rip apart Twilight with.

Roleplaying Edit

Before Stormy started roleplaying on TS, her username was [cut here], and she had about three posts. Once she noticed the roleplay section (specifically, the Ask ____ section), she went off to make a Mello account. Thus starting her roleplaying 'career' on TwilightSucks.

Noteable Characters Edit

Since there are more than twenty characters that Stormy roleplays, the only ones currently listed here will be the more active/lulzy/interesting ones.

Mello Edit

Her very first account, Mello was once about as BAMF as they come. Then he met Edward Cullen Elric and they were tricked into a Vegas wedding by an Elvis impersonater; shortly after, Mello turned up preggers. Go firgure. After being transformed into a girl by Panlah, this BAMF-turned wife-turned soccor mom went around and adopting other characters as his/her children, despite age or previous family. Among these are Alex Rider, Light Yagami, and Sarah Palin (though she died shortly after). After making a deal with Koe, Mello was changed back into a man and his baby was transplanted into an artifical womb, which Alex is currently in possession of. Mello is trying to patch up his relationship with Alex at the moment; Mello had killed Edward. At this time, it is unclear of whether or not their mother-son relationship can be saved before the baby arives.

Edward Cullen Edit

Recently made on the new TwilightSucks forum, he's here for the lulz. Since he was just claimed, he doesn't have much history to him. However, he IS Edward Cullen on an anti-site, so never fear! Lulz WILL be had. So far the only lulz had is that his thread has been raped over and over. Which provides quite some lulz for Stormy, in any case.

Ayame Sohma Edit

Ayame is mostly here for teh lulz. Very girly and very gay, he stalks Alex everywhere he goes, hoping to snatch up the young man as an apprentice. So far, there have been a few close shaves; unfortunately, Alex has managed to escape every time.

Kyo Sohma Edit

Currently in a lawsuit against the animators of DNAngel He lost the Game the lawsuit and was countersued. Now completely broke, this orange-haired catboy with a pocket fetish is as emo as they come. After getting nearly raped by Koe OVER 9000 times, he's a bit on the jumpy side. Seeming to be always angry, he rarely plays nicely with others- the only exception being Alex, whom Kyo is able to tolerate. Annabeth Chase currently wants Kyo's head because he sat in her father's biplane naked. She spazzed. And apparently escaped Maximum Ride's not so watchful eye.

Run, Kyo, run!

Marik Ishtar Edit

Once upon a time, Marik had a plan to kill all of the other roleplaying characters- and succeeded, in some places. Brainwashing Jacky into killing Joey Wheeler, and brainwashing Mello into killing Edward, he managed to kill off two blondes that most people at the time liked. Unfortunately, he is currently in hiding from Mello, who is out for his blood.

Stormy Edit

And of course, we can't forget her self-insert. Originally just to interact with the characters herself, it all changed when Satcha- Nib's vampire OC- bit Stormy, making her a vampire. Going with the flow, she now regularly feeds from other characters, usually those with dark hair and pale skin- and usually Kalina's. After being told by Sasuke that her cooking had magical properties, she soon started to experiment, resulting in such lulz as the gender bending cookie, chicken noodle soup that can raise the dead, and a hot chocolate aphordisiac. After meeting Vash the Stampede, she made it her duty to get him a girlfriend while secretly crushing on him in the shadows.

Moving from a one-line self-insert to a semi-para roleplayer (as many of the oldfag roleplayers like Kalina, Rorschach, and myself have been doing lately). Shortly after meeting Schrodinger, a boy with cat ears who had a German accent, she declared them engaged. However, a hit to the head knocked the memory of their engagement out of her head (take the chance and run, catboy), so when Vash asked her to be his girlfriend, she accepted. Currently, she is on a mission to help Roy Mustang cure his vampirism- and, if they succeed, cure Kyoya and any other victims as well. Is currently hosting TwilightSucks' Next Top Model as 'Stormy Banks'.

The latest update Stormy is her decision to cut off Kalina from The Cookies, leaving anyone who changed in their stuck state. Although, she may be willing to let Kalina turn Rorschach into a girl one last time before ending the supply completely...