Tails Prower is an Anti who founded and currently runs The Black Pawn Movement, a group which has approximately 75% of it's origins based in Twilight Sucks!.

The Creator of the Black Pawn Movement Edit

Tails is most well-known in the Anti community for the creation and running of the Black Pawn Movement. Originally created as a response to Twihards censoring Antis' comments on the books, the BPM eventually grew to include both it's original mission and an MST3K-style group of fictional BPM members who "riff" Twihard videos.

Hobbies Edit

Outside of the Anti fandom, Tails composes music and draws (or at least tries to). Some music composed by Tails has been featured in some BPM videos, including I Need Somebody!! and Ever Again.

Interests Edit

Outside of the Anti fandom:

  • Rhythm gaming (DDR, Pump It Up, Guitar Hero, StepMania, etc.)
  • Doom (ESPECIALLY Skulltag)
  • VULPvibe Records (really great music, some VV songs have been featured in BPM videos including the infamous happy-hardcore remix of My Chemical Romance's Cancer)
  • TV Tropes (it's addictive!)
  • TY The Tasmanian Tiger (once ran the largest TY fansite before it's burning demise, still a major fan)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (merely a casual fan now, still fanboyish about the "good old days", very certain games and his favorite, Tails)