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THE CAEK IS A LIE! Old meme is old, newfag. - Blonde Guardian

But the Weighted Companion Cube is Forever! Nope, sorry. -Kukulkan

I'm just doing this to be popular. - DCB

Me too! I'm gonna be poseur-popular mod! Hehehe... gawd I annoy myself. -Sister Grimm

For the love of God, stop saying the cake is lie, bitches! Cake STILL isn't a fucking lie. - SweetBabyKisses777

Near parties hard. Me FTW bbeh. Waldo

OMG NEAR! *raeps* -Sister Grimm (again)

Mmm Fail sez : Dammit guys! I didnt get 2100 posts for nothing. I NEED A NEW PAGE (insert whining)...oh yeah, and some one else make it becuase im too lazy and have too big of an ego to make it myself.

*cries moar*

There. I edited your article a bit. Happy now? -SGR

Indeed. I am very happy. -Fail

Well, there ya go. Am I worthy enough to have an article, or do I have to spam moar? It doesn't matter, cuz I made one anyway. IN UR FACIZ, SUKKAZ!!111oneapple1!! -SGR

Are we going to spam the living daylights outta this page too? I fixed the spam pages anyway. -Avocados

I'm going to fucking pass out from the number of articles I need to make...just saying. So if I die, you might have an idea of what killed me, that's all. -SweetBabyKisses777

"Death by wiki editing"? -Avocados

You just lost the game. -Sister Grimm

Yeah, that could be it Avocaods. At least when I die, my headstone will be LULZY. -SweetBabyKisses777

As lulzy as someone who was sexed to death? Because you have to admit, it'd be pretty funny for someone's headstone to say "Someone McPerson, 1885-1987, Died happy, in the arms of his mistress." -FreeFallForAll

That could be interpreted innocently though. Sort of. -Avocados

I made a page on the troll I Am Richard, and found out his youtube account is DAsrada. Troll that page! -CrimsonRedKing

Hey, guys! Are you all doing a site check or something! I can't get on! ~ Carla at Oct. 8, 4:55 PM Central

"Team Edward or Team Jacob?!?!? OMG I CANT DECIDE!" Fail. Team Anti-Twilight ftw.

this is possibly the most awesome wiki page ever made. -edmund

Apologies but I felt it best to move this particular section into talk as it seemed most fitting. -QFT

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