{Well, it's more of a misnomer really because the site never really crashed. It more just went down for a few days due to a server check or something like that.}

Stage 1 Edit

In Stage 1, people went crazy. They flung chairs around, banged their heads on their keypads, and some even went as far as to read a book. Yes, times were devastating when they tried to log onto the forums but couldn't get into them. Worse, the main site was also not available. Footage of the disaster was recorded. Here's some of the things that went on:


Arariel: Why? Why?! WHYYYYYYY!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Nobody: This is like a shadow in my world!

Random passerby: I see a little silhouetto of a man. (Scaramouche,scaramouche will you do the fandango?)

Mario: Mamma Mia! What ever shall I do?!

Sonic: Oh no! We'll never be able to continue now!

Lolibody: Holy shit! This! can't! be! happening! *smacks Chocolate around at every word*

Chocolate: Ow. My deliciously delicious body aches...deliciously.

Donald Duck: Ehhh, quit your blabbering! WHAT?! OH NO!!!


the King: I smell conspiracy.

Dr. Eggman: Bitch, you stole my line.


Carla: BBBBBBWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *pulls out plunger and starts hitting people with it*

Bella Swan: I just...can't handle...this. *faints*

Edward: *monotone voice* Oh no. My life is over. *kills self*

/TS/ members: That's one small speck of light in these dark times.

Main Site:

Chocolate: *clicking forums over and over* DON'T DIE ON ME!!!!!!!!

Stage 2 Edit

In Stage 2, the main site became available. Mars explained that the forums were down due to a server check and that they would be up within a couple of days. During this time, many members of the forums ventured into the Chatroom for the very first time. It was quite a new place for them. Here's some of what went on:

Panic: What is this strange new world I'm in?

Aladdin: A whole new world!

Panic: It's so terrifying!


Calculon {to us}: Find a few reaction clips from me and put them in.

Us: Er...okay.

Back in the Chatroom:

Hippie: So how's everyone doing?

Ella: I'm doing great!

Ami: Yeah, me, too!

Panic: This isn't so bad.

Calculon: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Main Site:

Chocolate: *clicking forums over and over* WORK DAMMIT! WORK!

BabyBlue777: *Checks the forums* The fuck? Why isn't the...ah, never mind. I'm going to burn shit now.

Stage 3 Edit

On June 3rd Mars posted this on the main site regarding the forums:

"Turns out we were too active of a community. The reason GoDaddy's servers overloaded was because of the forums constant activity and posting and apparently...we were on a 'shared' server instead of a needed 'dedicated' server. I had shelled out 90$ for 1 year of hosting...sounds good right? Well yeah apparently that was the shared server dealio and even though we're given 1,500,000mb of bandwidth the constant data sent back and forth via our TOTALLY RAD forums was wigging out their server since it was shared with other customers...argggh...

So there is a solution. Everything is saved, safe, and functional however the forum is currently disabled thanks to GoDaddy till we switch over to the dedicated server which after I buy it will be automatically transferred."

After hearing the news, many people turned to a path they never would've imagined going down before the incident. Others viewed this new behavior as silly and preposterous.

"It's like they turned to crime," one of them said.

Yes, they were thinking about being generous and donating to the site in order for it to become accessible once again. The chats in the chatroom just were not doing it for everyone.

Snake: I love cats.

Ella: Mmm, cats.

47: My cats just bring chaos.

Sonic: HO SHIT! Chaos is back! I'LL SAVE YOU!

Tammy: GTFO, Sonic! There's no Chaos here.

Sonic: Well, this sucks! *leaves*

Snake: Er, so...

Main Site:

Chocolate: *clicking forums over and over* IT'S STILL NOT WORKING!!!!!

Niel15: Finally, after one week of school I get to see the forums and my friends. *goes to the forum* WTF? *goes to main site* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

BabyBlue777: *Still burning shit*

Stage 4 Edit

The Temporary Unlock Edit

The Proboards forum has been unlocked temporarily to members who have already joined. General and Twilight discussion have been unlocked. Now is the time to rejoice with friends from these harsh five days.

Third Forum Switch...Edit

After great Tribulation, the new forum was created. People seemed to take this more easily, most likely because we spent so little time getting used to the 2.0 forum that we felt no sentimental attatchment to it, therefor we were able to leave it behind without much mourning. The chagrin is over.

Much rejoicing is to be taking place within these next few weeks.

Notes Edit

  • Niel15 treats The Big Crash like Judgment Day.
  • After all the OMG DRAMAZ!!!111!!, everyone actually mellowed down.
  • One of the thrown chairs, during the Stage One shitstorm, hit Arariel by accident and he almost spat Cookies out!