Is now known as Rocket.

She's been described as a "crazy, badass motherfucker" by her friends, and a "drama hoar" by almost everyone else. She is often shipped with Near, Indy or Apathy Ohai thar, even though the latter two are dating. Not anymore! Was the cause of some dramaz a while ago, as well as Near's archenemy Far, Queen of the moved FG Spammers, and founder and leader of the Eww Cult, which still has prominent members such as the wonderful Keyboard Samurai and SGR.

On that note, she also knows what SGR stands for, which makes her feel like a speshul snowflaek.

When not dramahoaring and threatening to kill people with various pieces of stationery, she enjoys Smashing Pumpkins, fantasy books, and QI. Especially QI, because Stephen Fry hosts it.

Oh, and she's a Mother Confessor. Which is kind of a big deal. Ask any Terry Goodkind fan.

Her one weakness is Canadalandian accents, much to Igna's delight. (>w>)

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