Identity Edit

Therarelogic is a /ts/ member. She is often seen wasting peoples' time with her signature. A self-proclaimed bitch, Logic has been a member of /ts/ since November 2008. She joined /ts/ after stumbling across the site from a link in an anti-Twilight Facebook group. Even though she is only 15, do NOT underestimate her because of her age. She will kill you. Seriously. She is a member of the old forums, the old-old-new forums, the old-new-new forums, and the new forums.

Origins Edit

Born on the East Coast of the United States, Logic has lived in a pleasant suburb her entire life. She actually was tolerant of Twilight until she actually decided to look at it from a... LOGICAL point of view. She is tired of listening to the fangirlism of Twilight, and more specifically, Edward.

She enjoys debate, so don't be surprised if she disappears for a weekend. She's off at some fancy university debating.

... she also forgot this page existed until ten minutes ago. It's really been a long time.