The Treatise was signed in late December 2008, after a massive *chan-related troll invasion led to a small war between /ts/ and fan boards. This led to an informal agreement that any Twilighter troll on /ts/ can be reported to the mods back at their home forum for banning of their main account, and vice versa. Trufax.

That being said, little faggots, DON'T TROLL THE FANSITES, DAMMIT! even if they really, truely, deserve to have their forums fucked up. RESIST TEMPTATION!

No, but seriously. Don't go and troll the Twilight fan sites. Really, it's just sinking down to their level. To give as much credit as can be given to these guys, there haven't been very many twitard troll sightings since the Treaty... yeah, we've had trolls, but nothing has suggested that they were from fansites or anything. So, be good little worms and behave yourselves.

Official Announcement Edit

As of November 2008*, and the TS staff officially discourage our members from trolling fan-sites and we do not condone such behavior. If you feel the need to troll a fan-site, there is obviously nothing we can do to stop you. However, if you decide to do so using TS's name or referencing yourself as a TS member then your account here will be promptly disabled, perhaps even permanently depending on the severity of your behavior and the extent to which your behavior reflects negatively on TS.* There have been a few incidents in the past, and members who were a part of those incidents will not be retroactively punished. Let trolling be defined as the following:- rude behavior designed to provoke and/or offend- spam- repeated offensive statements/actions; personal attacks