This faggotry was written by Stephenie Meyer after she had a wet dream about a sparkling boy and a Mary Sue-self insert. Her lack of seckz made her write Twilight in a sad attempt of badfiction. She got published.


The book cover. Ryuk wants his apples back.


Mary Sue arrives to small town Forks. It's raining. She BAAWWS.

Charlie: Hello Bella!

Bella: STFU Charlie! You Suck! The rain sucks! Forks sucks!!!1

Ms. Speshul Snowflake first day in Forks High.

Eric: Hi!

Bella: GTFO Nerd!!

Mike: Hi!

Bella: Hello LOLOLOLOL!!

Mary Sue meets sparkling boy.

Bella: ZOMG!! *swoons*

Edward: *sparkle*

The rest of the book

Bella: ILU<3!

Edward: I'm dangerous stay away from me!

Bella: No.

Edward: Lulz 'K ILU2!

Plot An Hero.

Cash cow

That poor cow.

Fangirls Edit

Mostly teens and pre-teens, if not, cougars. Analogous to a landmine, if it is tripped/hears "I don't like Twilight," explodes in rage to defend the cashcow, their AMAYZING BUUUUK, and what their sorry lives have started to revolve around.

Twimoms Edit

Imagine your mom jizzing her pantz for your 17 year old friend. He uses glitter. They think stalking is hotWaldo and age means nothing to them. A lot like Stephenie Meyer, actually.

Sane Fans Edit

They are rare, some say possibly extinct. But they still exist. If you find one pet it.

Antis Edit

Some are in it for teh lulz, some for teh logic. Some are in it for both.