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There has been some confusion as to what the 'Cause' of may be.

Some would say that our 'Cause' is to rise up and destroy the Twilight fandom.

Others would have you believe that our 'Cause' is to convince fans of how horrid the series truly is.  (Although, admittedly, this would be a good thing.)

Still others would have you believe that our 'Cause' is to just sit around and bitch.

Fact is, our 'Cause' is none of these.  Our 'Cause' is quite simple.  The 'Cause' of is to simply provide a place for people who dislike the Twilight series where they can hang out on the internet without fans invading and driving them mad.

Anything else that might be accomplished is just icing on the cake, but our 'Cause' is not even remotely involving any form of violent activity against fans, idiot.