Twipocalypse is one of Twilight Sucks!'s biggest Role-plays- something where you make a character and join in on a big story. This is about the year 2012, where the world has been over-run by Twilight- Stephenie Meyer is the Queen of the World, and all who oppose the book series have been destroyed or shunned to the point where they moved underground- to the sewers. You just lost The Game.


This role-play takes place in New York City, New York, but there is some talk of leaving to another city- main candidate is Phoenix, Arizona- since new York was destroyed.

Characters (In order of joining)

List of characters in Twipocalypse

Kitty- A sixteen year old genius. The new 'leader' of the group, but refuses to confirm this. Has a jetpack? Joined because of her entire class being took over by the series.

Twilight Fangirl Slayer- TFS- (deceased) Previously the twenty-two year old leader of the group. Joined out of revenge- fangirls mauled her best friend because he looked like Edward Cullen.

Esme Swan Lanes-Luna L. Potter- A twelve year old member. Joined because he parents were taken away for reading Harry Potter. Her power is telekineses.

Nicky- A seventeen year old member. Joined because her ex wanted her to be like Bella.

Johanna: Another seventeen year old. Super-strong and prone to having her limbs fall off. Current love interest is Deathwing, bu previously was wife to her cousin.

Karen: A nineteen year old, the healer of the group. Johanna voted for her to be leader, but was the ony one.

Weird: Another seventeen year old member from Britain.

Andrew: A seventeen year old whose sort of like a big brother to Johanna. Is a computer geek.

Trailer Edit

A month after starting Twipocalypse, TS member SanityOutTheWindow has made a trailer for the RP. thumb|300px|right